(now free) Happy Golem - CraftingStore Template [Live Demo] v1.2

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Modern, reliable, and beautiful CraftingStore template
Demo: https://happy-golem.craftingstore.net

This is a CraftingStore template. You need Silver or Gold plan to use it!

Do you not like this template? Let me know!

Happy Golem! Who doesn't love a happy golem?

This beautiful CraftingStore template provides what you need in one simple package.

The Happy Golem template is very well written. It has CSS variables which can easily be edited by non-experienced or experienced.


Notable Features

  • Beautiful design
  • 100% mobile compatible
  • Link embed preview support (works for Discord)
  • Click to copy IP
Contact me on Discord for support any time or let me know your feedback so I can improve this and future templates!

Discord: JeremyJaydan#7337

1. Open CraftingStore dashboard and navigate to Design > Templates
2. Create new or edit existing Template
3. Copy the contents of each file to the CraftingStore files
4. Navigate to Design > settings
5. Change color schema to 'Flatly'

Proof of ownership: (Check bottom of TOS on homepage) https://happy-golem.craftingstore.net/

Copyright (c) JeremyJaydan, All rights reserved.
- Author(s): JeremyJaydan
- The Resource: Happy Golem - CraftingStore Template
- You can share The Resource privately with your friends
- You can redistribute The Resource if: ~
~ You have reasonably modified The Resource including the name
~ You have consent from JeremyJaydan
- Redistributed versions of The Resource void support from the original Author(s)
- Do not charge back the Author(s)
Crediting original
This is a fork of the CraftingStore default template. https://craftingstore.net

Latest updates

  1. Alignment fixes & more

    Edited files: style.css category.twig Changes: Improved package sizes & picture alignment...
  2. Fixes & additions

    Updated Files page.twig style.css Changes Included happy-golem.png to resource files Added...
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