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Horses 1.2.1

New Equestrian Horse Management & Crop Plugin

  1. FlopsiBunny
    Horses is an equestrian based plugin for horse management, it is designed to add extended and extra mechanics to Minecraft's vanilla horses while adding in some more realistic elements of gameplay.

    • Horse Crops - Ability to adjust the riding speed of your horse between Halt, Walk, Canter & Gallop.
    • Realistic Hunger - Horses will now have hunger which needs to be satisfied by either putting them with grass blocks or hay blocks nearby. If not fed horses can starve and die.
    • Realistic Thirst - Horses will now have thirst which needs to be satisfied by either putting them with water blocks or cauldrons with water inside them nearby. Horses that do not get water will get dehydrated and die.
    • Horse Claiming - Stop other players and only allow trusted users to ride/interact with your horse.
    • Horse Gender - Horses now are either male or female and as such can only breed with the opposite sex.
    Upcoming Features:
    • Cross Tying
    • Lunging
    • Training
    • Realistic Illnesses/Injuries
    • More!

    • /horse claim [name] - horses.claim
    • /horse unclaim - horses.unclaim
    • /horse trust <player> - horses.trust
    • /horse untrust <player> - horses.untrust
    • /horse rename <name> - horses.rename
    • /horse setspeed <speed> - horses.admin.setspeed
    • /horse setjump <jump> - horses.admin.setjump
    • /horse setcolor <color> - horses.admin.setcolor
    • /horse setmarking <marking> - horses.admin.setmarking
    • /horse sethunger <0-100> - horses.admin.sethunger
    • /horse setthirst <0-100> - horses.admin.setthirst
    • /horse heal - horses.admin.heal

    As you will probably see when you download this plugin, it is just a .yml file. This is because Horses is coding in a YAML based scripting language for Minecraft known as DenizenScript which allows the plugin to be coded faster, fixed easier and not worry about being incompatible with later verions.
    1. Download and install the latest Denizen.jar plugin for your server version.
    2. Drop the Denizen.jar into your "plugins" folder.
    3. Restart your server, this will let Denizen start up for the first time and create all its directories.
    4. Put the Horses.yml script in "/plugins/Denizen/scripts/".
    5. Run "/ex reload" to have Denizen reload all scripts, including the new one you just added.
    6. Enjoy the horses plugin!

    Problems & Issues
    If you have any problems or issues I am less likely to respond on here to them so please open a new Github issue here and I will try fix it as soon as I can.

Recent Reviews

  1. BlackTen
    Version: 1.2.1
    Great plugin. I'm uses on my server.