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dPreHub | The best core for your prehub!. 2.1

Simple but useful and attractive core for your prehub.

  1. Dombooh
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.8.8 (Not tested in other versions)
    Req. Server Software:
    Spigot and PaperSpigot
    I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH (Everything is translated from Spanish to English with the Google translator)
    I made this add-on to prevent bots from reaching the hub of my server by creating a menu when the player joins the server, and it was really very useful. Add more features to the plugin by turning it into a mini core for the prehub.

    - When you join the server a menu opens (PvPLounge and Zelix style)
    - The items that contract the menu are 100% editable
    - The menu cannot be closed.
    - Custom Scoreboard
    - Teleport to spawn when joining
    - Hidden players
    - Silent join
    - Silent Quit
    - Block break disabled
    - Block place disabled
    - Wather disabled
    - Hunger disabled
    - Damage disabled
    - PvP disabled
    - Chat disabled

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    IP: "exaple.com"
    #Name of the lobby to which players must join
    HubName: "lobby"
    #Auth types: Authmereloaded
    #If your server is premium (does not have authme plugin) put Premium-mode
    Auth: Authmereloaded
    Disconnected: "&cYou have been disconnected from the server!"
    Menu-Open: "&eOpening the menu..."
    Teleport: "&aTeleporting to the &dHub"
    Title: "&3&lEXAMPLE"
    Bars: '&7&m----------------'
    - "%bars%"
    - "&fHey &b%player%&f!"
    - "&fjoin with to play &3%online%"
    - "&fplayers now!"
    - ""
    - "&7&o%ip%"
    - "%bars%"
    Title: "&7Welcome back %player%!"
    Slots: 18
    Name: "&aTeleport to the Hub"
    - "&fClick to join the Hub"
    Slot: 4
    Material: NETHER_STAR
    Data: 0
    Name: "&cDisconnect"
    - "&fClick to disconnect"
    - "&ffrom the server!"
    Slot: 17
    Material: INK_SACK
    Data: 1
    X: 0
    Y: 100
    Z: 0
    YAW: 0
    PITCH: 0
    WORLD: world

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