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[NEW] ✨️Codexes ✨️ A Unique Approach to Custom Enchants | ⚡ AdvancedEnchantments Configuration ⚡ Build 4 (Stable)

Ever wanted a futuristic yet unique way of treating custom enchants?

  1. Build 4

    • Updated against AdvancedEnchantments 6.1.3
  2. Build 3

    • I made a lot of changes here and I don't think it's noticeable. But I do hope that you'll enjoy this current update. A lot of planned features will be unleashed soon.
    • Configuration is now built against AdvancedEnchantments 6.1.2.
    • Added some decorations and more information to the config.
    • Codexes will no longer break items when enchanting stuff.
    • Added /codexes and /applycodex, the first command will show all of available codexes and the...
  3. Build 2

    • This is merely a fix to make it stable and to add few things to make things nicer.
    • Rearranged the files and removed the "Codexes" subfolder.
    • Changed the rar file to zip file extension.
    • Fixed mistakes on some enchants, therefore it is now flagged as stable.
    • Added a cool thread design and a resource icon.