DeathSwap MINIGAME 2019-09-13

Play deathswap on a server with multiple games going on at once.
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deathswap minigame
A standalone DeathSwap minigame plugin for your server!

- DeathSwap core just like SethBling's commandblock minigame!
- Play multiple concurrent games at once.
- Allows mutliple worlds for different terrain generation.

- Very easy to use.
- Messages are fully customizable. (messages.yml)
- Time in seconds since last swap in the exp bar.
- Title screen when swaps can happen.
- DeathSwap with more than two players in one game coming in an update!

A video of the basic functionality of this plugin

CaptainSparklez and AntVenom playing DeathSwap.
Note: This is the command block version of the minigame, not this plugin.

/DeathSwap <player> [world] - Invite or accept an invite from a player.
/DeathSwap Worlds - Show the list of available worlds.
/DeathSwap Leave - Leave your current game.

Admin commands (Permission node deathswap.admin)
/DeathSwap ForceSwap [player] - Force a swap in your/someone else's game.
/DeathSwap ClearSpots <world | all> - Clear the memory of used spots of a certain world.

# Worlds and their nicknames

    display-name: '&bNormal terrain'
    world: world

# Minimum distance between spots being chosen in a specific world
min-spawn-distance: 500

# The range for coordinate values for spawning players
spawn-range: 10000000

# List of invalid spawn blocks.
- water
- lava

# The minimum and maximum swap delay in seconds
min-swap-delay: 30
max-swap-delay: 120

Questions before or after buying? Feel free to add me on discord! TheWGBbroz#7200
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