SkyBlock Setup with amazings Features never before seen in Mc-Market.

Latest updates

  1. SkyBlock Update 8.9.1

    Bugs Fixed: Added DeluxeMenus config to the plugins folder. I accidentaly removed it in the...
  2. SkyBlock Update 8.9

    Bugs Fixed: Fixed a problem with the challenges (could be claimed infinitely) . Changes: Now...
  3. SkyBlock Update 8.8

    Bugs Fixed: Menus have been adapted to LuckPerms, i forgot to do it in the last update.

Latest reviews

Great setup, the fact that it has dungeons made my interest increase as once I got it my players enjoyed it and plus the spawn is a total street shop and there were many stuff thats really good!
If you're looking for a decent setup I'd recommend you choosing this as your players will surely love this
Good Setup...But At First Run Somethings Goes Wrong...But For All Everything Is Good
Yea, this wonderful setup saved me alot of time I have no words to describe it how good this setup is thank you for making this nice work :>
It works right away, a few things I noticed is that there are some grammatical issues and the discord join link does not work, but other than that, everything else works great!
great setup! saved me a bunch of time, builds are amazing, and everything is so creative. would recommend to all server owners.
Works out of the box, nice setup!
Some spelling errors
This is the best server setup i know of for when you wanna create a RPG Skyblock based server, This saved me WEEKS even MONTHS worth of time, The ranks are spot on but if this came with a punishment plugin & staff ranks it would of been fully completed in my opinion,

The builds are great and i'm certain that the resource owner is super friendly.

Yes okay he is selling free plugins within a server with custom builds yes i get that, And you are probably thinking saying "I can make this on my own why would i need to buy it?"

And my answer to that is, YOU CAN'T! If you wanted to simply remake it just buy the server itself :P

Other then that, Great server setup i enjoy it so far. I am using it for my server and idk if i am allowed to say or not say my server but if i am my server will be down below.

IP: play-receipt.xyz

My server will be releasing sometime this weekend due to the fact how i have to setup staff ranks & perms but other than that great job on the premade server setup!
Hi DerpyTurtlez, thanks for the review! I will consider your suggestions for the next update, have a good day.
overall a good skyblock but the ranks were simply copied from hypixel and tha other ranks were not really anything to be proud of so thats why im giving it a 3 star review
Thanks for the review! I may improve the ranks in a future update, although I do not plan to change the names since the buyer can edit them to their liking in just a few minutes.
really, really good setup for skyblock
Thank you very much for the review Lodek! enjoy the setup.
It's great but i need help to make an other kit for the other ranks.
If you need help create a ticket in the support discord server: https://discord.com/invite/hz53e6f thanks for the review!
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