Shoppy Website System 1.07

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The best looking shoppy system around.
Shoppy is an all-in-one payment processing and e-commerce solution. Accept payments, sell digital products from your own and more, do it all with a single platform.

This website template created by me (Qrow) gives you the ability to use Shoppy's API System on your own custom domain with a better-looking website. This includes more things which we will get to shortly to make your shop look stunningly better.

It uses Shoppy's public API System with a website created by me to implement both together. It takes seconds to set up and makes you actually enjoy the look of your shop making people more likely to purchase your products.

All you need to do is have a web host and a domain.
Upload the files to public_html, choose out of the 2 index's that are in there rename it to index.html and that's all.
All editing can easily be done in config.php made easy and good looking just for you.

  • Interactive
  • Unlimited Amounts of products
  • Custom Title and Name
  • Custom Favicon
  • Custom Background Image or Colour
  • Easily configurable in config.php
  • Add Music
  • Add Multiple Backgrounds
  • Discord Integration
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed A Lot

    Hello, Been a few months since the previous update- found an issue in the main code that I have...
  2. Final Update till the entire system is re-made.

    Implemented 2 index's for a user to choose from. Fixed up the entire config.php. Made a discount...
  3. Everything revamped

    We revamped the entire website with a new config and more, It envolves night theme and everything.

Latest reviews

Super easy to customise. Backend works like a charm, added my own frontend spice to my store and it looks majestic.
Super page very clear. The support is super fast and you always get nice answers. This page is only recommended
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