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A shulkerbox shop plugin using diamonds as currency
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chest sell chest shop diamonds economy
This plugin is an alternative to other item chestshop plugins that use virtual currency as payments. This plugin requires players to pay with diamonds for the items that they are buying. As such it is completely independent from any economy plugin, including vault and can run on its own with no problems.
Dss key functions

Buying and selling
This plugin allows for players to buy and sell to each other using currency that they have to find around the server (since diamonds are not a farm able resource), which promotes activity and server exploration.



Shop protection
Player shops are protected from defacement from all other players. The plugin automatically stops other players from placing items such as signs and item frames on the shop. Also, the player is prevented from facing hoppers into the shulkerbox, as well as placing hoppers above or below the shop. Each attempt is met with a reversal and a denial message. The shop owner (and staff with the correct perms) are not subject to these restrictions.


NBT functionality
ShulkerShops are aware of and support NBT data on items sold in the shulkershops. This includes things like damage values, enchantments (both on enchanted books and items), item names and even item attributes. All the relevant nbt data is saved when the player buy the item and the item will continue to function like it normally would.


Enchantments, enchanted books and damage values

Item Attributes


Dss key features

DiamondShulkerShops boasts some nice key features over some of the other chestshop plugins out there. here are a few of those features...

Chestshop and Shop sign color
Dss allows for player to express themselves in a wonderful assortment of mixed and matched colors. Any color shulker box can be used to create a shop and every color dye can be used to change the sign's text color.

Flush chestshop wall
Dss allows for players to design their shops into colored flush walls with not ulgy gaps that you can see though. Both chests and trap chests fail in this area and barrels look plain ugly.

Rotational friendly
Dss uses shulker boxes and as shulker boxes can be placed in any of the 6 rotations, so can the shulker shops. The rotation of the box does not affect the shop's selling abilities in any way but instead offers even further customization to your shop by choosing which side (and the side's design) faces which way.
Please note, while you can make and receive sales like this, the top of the shulker box needs room to move if you want to open it. It will still receive items from any hoppers you set up to feed them.

Easy move
Unlike chest based shops, moving Dss shop is nowhere near as messy due to the fact that you can pick up the each box and move it and plonk it back down where you need, set up the sign and its ready to go. No huge messes or horrible lag like from the items that burst out of normal chests when you break them. No need to sort items into correct chests. No running back and forth with full inventories trying to move stuff before it all despawns.

Limit factor
Using Shulker boxes allows adding a limiting factor to creating shops due to the effort it takes to collect shells. This makes the player have to adventure out into the end to find these shells or otherwise develop contacts with people who do. Both of these are things I like to encourage on servers. It makes players work a little more for their profits and keeps them entertained and busy and adds more reason to advance forward towards the endgame. This would not be possible with wooden chests due to the abundance of wood.

Dss tutorial
Setting up a shop is super easy. Here is a little video showing how...

[Line 1] Signs must always have [sell] or [buy] on the first line.
[Line 2] This is the name of the item. Item IDs do not work.
[Line 3] This is the amount of items you buy/sell per click.
[Line 4] This is the cost, in diamonds, per purchase.

Special notes
- Shop signs do NOT support color codes, magic or other such sign features.
- None of the lines are case-sensitive.
- Shops will tell the player if they do not have enough diamonds/items for the purchase and automatically refuse the sale Likewise it will also tell the buyer/seller if the shop is out of stock.
- Some item names are just too long for the signs. Things such as colored concrete blocks and dead corals etc. There is no fix for these at the moment but I am working on something to maybe fix it. Not sure if it will work. Fixed in 1.3 =D

Tip: Use /dss hand to find out the exact item name for the item in your hand

A McM has kindly made tutorial/info video about the plugin.
Thanx BlueCanary

They do this sort of thing for a lot of plugins for free so go show some support
and check out a few of their videos?


Possible future updates
If this plugin starts to generate interest then I will definitely have updates for it. Possible ones may include...

- Making it possible to list specific enchantment information on any books that may be sold. This will take a lot of time and testing and MIGHT not happen at all.
- Support for multiple currencies like iron, gold etc. Again, since diamonds are not farm able like iron, gold and emeralds, it make the ideal currency. But if there is a high demand, them maybe.
- Admin command "/dss list" is still in the works but when it comes out OPs will be able to bring up a list of shops in a GUI to get info about them and teleport to them as well. - Fully implemented as of 1.3

I am also very open to suggestions from people who get this plugin. What should be added? What should change? What don't you like? Let me know. I am always ready to hear.

And feel free to post any questions you may like.

Here is the list of the commands to use DSS

/DSS hand - Tells you the short name of the item in your hand.
/DSS list - Brings up the admin GUI containing a list of all shops as well as allowing the person to TP to a particular shop.
/DSS reload - Reloads the plugin


description: Wildcard permission
default: op
diamondshulkershops.core: true
diamondshulkershops.reload: true
diamondshulkershops.list: true
diamondshulkershops.hand: true
diamondshulkershops.createshop: true
diamondshulkershops.openothersshops: true
diamondshulkershops.destroyothersshops: true

description: Allows a user to run the core command
default: true

description: Allows a user to reload the config files
default: false

description: Allows a user to open the shops list GUI
default: false

description: Allows a user to check the Type of item in their hand
default: true

description: Allows a user to create a shop
default: true

description: Allows a user to open other people's shops
default: false

description: Allows a user to destroy other people's shops
default: false

Thanx all. Enjoy the plugin
Crediting original
This plugin was specially designed for my HermitCraft styled server by my good friend Charzard who is not a member of this forums. As I paid a decent amount for is and did not use it anymore I asked his permission to create servers using it as well as to sell copies of it and cut him in on the money. He agreed as long as I credited him with it. So here it is.

Give him some love as well. He'd appreciate it

Latest updates

  1. Added <Slot> ability to Shop Signs

    Added feature This update simplifies the ability to add an item to your shop by simply...
  2. Added Shop Teleporting

    Added: - Admin ability to easily view a list of all the shops, their owners, where and where...
  3. Feature update

    Added feature This update is to add the ability to specify to sell/buy more items per click...

Latest reviews

Great plugin, but it would be even better if you could select the currency item (e.g. Heart of the sea for example)
Thanx for the review. Great idea for a future update...
DOPE plugin. Exactly what I'm looking for. Simple item to item trading using signs and chests :D
Thanx man. I really appreciate both the purchase (my first sale ever =D) and the review. Will ccontinue to work on it so any feedback is very helpful. I hope you and your community enjoys it



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