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⭐️ Fantasy Full Pack Theme ⭐️ [LIVE PREVIEW] 1.6

Fantasy are newest HQ templates for Xenforo, Litebans, Craftingstore & Vote.

  1. RezzoMC

    Template give ability to change all colors just with one code!
    To report a bug, give a suggestion, or if you have a question you can address the issue on discord server: https://discord.io/rezzomc ( DM to receive CUSTOMER RANK )

    XenForo: https://cyvers.com/xf/
    Craftingstore: https://store.astromc.ro/
    Litebans: https://cyvers.com/bans/

    On purchasing Fantasy Full Pack you will save 8$

    • Animated Logo
    • Navigation Menu
    • Responsive on all Devices
    • Clean Code
    • Player Count
    • IP Copy
    • Installation Help
    • Fast Support
    • Customized Scrollbar
    • Color Changer
    • Discord Count
    Discord ID - RezzoMC#2890

Recent Reviews

  1. _Zane
    Version: 1.3
    This guy is pretty cool and these themes looks clean af.
    1. RezzoMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for awesome review!