E Crossed Tools - Hand-Drawn Server Icon 2.0

Cartoony illustrated 64x64 Server Icon.

What you get when purchasing:
1 ”E” icon, 2 colours in a zip file. One diamond .png, one gold .png. Both pictured above. They will each have a 3139x3139 version and a 64x64 version.
Also includes the letter in both a blue color and a golden color with transparent backgrounds and NO pickaxe/axe, to allow for easy editing and DIY logos.
Pickaxe/axe .png with no letter in front is also included.

*Thinking of ordering, need help or have a question? Please feel free to DM me via MCM anytime or add me on discord. I don’t bite!
Discord: Wonder#0513

Latest updates

  1. Added yellow crossed tools

    Seems like I forgot to upload the yellow crossed tools icon without the letter in front, so just...
  2. Transparent Letter

    Added transparent letter so that users can buy multiple and easily put them together into a logo...

Latest reviews

Amazing, but .ZIP is missing golden pickaxe / axe png
Sorry about that! I updated the resource so now it DOES include both colors of crossed tools without the letter in front. Thanks for letting me know!
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