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✸ HUGE DISCOUNT ✸ - Minecraft Website Portal [2019] 1.6

The best new modern Minecraft server portal homepage.




    This is a 100% customizable modern Minecraft server website portal that server owners can use as their website homepage. It's lightweight and loads fast for your visitors.


    • x3 ~ Backgrounds that change with an overlapping animation.
    • x4 ~ Animated icons.
    • Animated particles.
    • Animated logo.
    • 100% ~ Customizable.
    • Easy ~ to understand and configure (take 10 minutes)
    • Add unlimited icons and links (e.g. bans, forum, vote) (require a little knowledge).
    • Automatically fetches your server's online status and player count.
    • Super light.
    • Modern design
    • Affordable, professional and free support from me (NeonDeex).


    How do I edit the config/settings (Change images/texts/credits/icons/ip)?
    • You can easily edit all the features of the web by following the simple 5-step guide included in the resource.
    This is a Xenforo, Buycraft, Ejin or CraftStore theme?
    • This portal won't work with software like Xenforo, Buycraft, Ejin or CraftStore. It requires a server (e.g. a VPS or shared hosting) where you have full FTP/SFTP access.
    How do i put my website online 24/7/365?
    • You can buy your own VPS or Web Hosting and install it by yourself or pay me $3.50/Month for being your hosting provider (Installation included)

    Found an issue or bug with the plugin? Don't post them in the reviews section, you can simply join the discord community and open a ticket by just clicking the button below or PM here at MC-Market, and I will reply to you inside 24-hours ;).



    By downloading this plugin, you agree to the following terms of use.

    • You will not redistribute/resell/forward/send this web to anyone for any reason.
    • You will not post requests for support or report issues in the reviews section.
    • You are not allowed to upload the web to a page of leaks.
    • If you don't respect the rules, you will be banned.
    • All purchases are final and no refunds will be given.Chargebacks/disputes will result in losing access to the plugin and future updates of it.
    • Images on this portal are not my own, they are used for demonstration purposes only, I am not selling the images as they can be changed after purchase, again, only for demonstration purposes.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Elari Kibuvits
    Elari Kibuvits
    Version: 1.5
    Best designe what i have ever seen, recommend this one!
  2. MarkR
    Version: 2019-10-14
    The design is amazing, it looks much better on my computer than in the gif. It literally took me 5 minutes to set it up