SWBoxes Custom boxes for SkyWars Ingame Access and New Default Box And More! 1.6

Forget the typical boxes with only one shape and limited in quantity. Try SWBoxes!
Supported versions
Warn: This plugin only was tested with Cookloco SkyWars v1.10.3 (Do not work for v1.9.2 or below)
You need to have the Cookloco SkyWars to use it!
This plugin doesn't allow to make cage animations only edit the shape.

Support Discord https://discord.gg/WgsSrC3

Thanks to ManuGooX for build all the included boxes. Discord ManuGooX#9868

  • Edit the default box for all players
  • You can create your own boxes
  • You can create unlimited boxes
  • Ingame box creation/edit
  • New boxes menu (No more cookloco boxes)
  • You can access to the boxes with /swboxes menu
  • Multipaged menu for more boxes
  • All Messages editables
  • Box purchase system with cookloco coins
  • Box permission only system
  • Bungeecord-Support for Bungee-Servers
  • PlaceholderAPI Support
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support
  • Included 21 Boxes!
  • And much more!

  • SWBoxes Command Permission >> skywars.admin
  • Box Permission >> skywars.box.<key / name>
  • TIP: If the box is priced you can buy it. To give it for free is permission. If it is priceless they cannot buy it, it is only by bone permission for vips.

  • /SWBoxes create <name> #Create new box
  • /swboxes remove <name> #Remove existing box
  • /swboxes save #Save the current box that are editing/building
  • /swboxes edit <name> #Edit a created box
  • /swboxes list #Show the list of boxes created
  • /swboxes wand #Get the box selection tool for save
  • /swboxes menu #Access to the boxes menu in any moment!
  • /swboxes selectbox <name> #Select/Buy box with command like an click in the menu!
  • /swboxes deselectbox #Deselect your current selected box!
  • TIP: Its recomended to restart after finish the box edit or remove a box.


  • Without videos at the moment.


  • SkyWars by Cookloco (Obligatory)
  • PlaceholderAPI (Optional)
  • Placeholders:
  • - %swboxes_boxname%
  • - %swboxes_boxperm%
  • - %swboxes_boxkey%

  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI (Optional)
  • Placeholders:
  • - {swboxes_boxname}
  • - {swboxes_boxperm}
  • - {swboxes_boxkey}


➠ The plugin uses an License System, you will need to contact me for your license after buy! (Only buy if you agree this condition)
➠ Do not pass the plugin to friends or that they have access to.
Do not say that you created the plugin.
➠ Do not decompile the plugin.
Do not give stupid opinions and less without asking for support.
➠ Do not upload the plugin to download for free.
➠ After buying the plugin there will be no refunds because it is a digital product
➠ If you need the source code, it costs you additional money contact at my support discord.
➠ I am not obligate to provide updates, however i will do so whenever i can.
You agree that these terms may change at any time
the failure to comply with certain terms may cause your account to be banned from spigot-mc.

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.6

    Fixed edit box need restart the server to get updated (Now the changes doesn't need restart the...
  2. Version 1.5

    Fixed unexpected message when not box is selected. (Placeholders)
  3. Version 1.4

    Added command to select or buy boxes like when you click an box in the boxes menu(/swboxes...

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Vouch! The addon is wonderful and its author is very friendly, always ready to help you :)
Muy Bueno el plugin Me encanto, pero nesesito ayuda nose donde encuentro la Licence_Key alguien me Podria Desir en Donde la Encuentro?
Muy buen plugin 100% recomendado para sus servidores de skywars!
Muy buen plugin, la verdad que el autor si esta atento a las dudas, esta genial lo recomiendo que lo compren!
Gracias por su calificación.
Exelente complemento, autor atento a tus dudas, altamente recomendado! 10/10
Thanks for your review!
Awesome plugin 100% recommended and very useful
Thanks for your review!
Excellent plugin! Recommended 10/10 Good dev support! :)
Thanks for your review!
Amazing plugin! Very very complete and well worked, if you want to give your server an incredible view, this is the right plugin!
Thanks for your review.


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