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Outpost is a plugin which allows players to combat over control of a point which, if captured, will reward the player's faction with rewards.

Outposts is a very configurable plugin, below you will find the config.yml which has multiple variables which you can modify to your liking (I've added comments above each variable, somewhat explaining what it modifies):
# The world in which the outpost is located.
world-name: 'world'
# Save the outpost owner and capture percent after restarts?
persist-outpost: false

# Reward the outpost owner with money?
money-task: true
# How often should the faction members be rewarded? (in seconds)
money-task-delay: 60
# How much to give to the faction members?
money-to-give: 1000.0

# Increase sell prices?
sell-multiplier: true
# Increase exp dropped?
exp-multiplier: true
# Increase mcMMO exp?
mcmmo-multiplier: false
  # How much to increase sell prices by?
  sell-multiplier: 1.5
  # How much to increase exp dropped by?
  exp-multiplier: 1.5
  # How much to increase mcmmo xp by?
  mcmmo-multiplier: 1.5
# Broadcast outpost percentage changes?
announce-percent: false

# Can players in wilderness capture the outpost?
wilderness-can-cap: false
# Should placeholders be enabled? (Requires PlaceholderAPI)
use-placeholders: true
# If nobody has capped the outpost, what should the placeholder be?
no-faction-placeholder: 'none'
# The delay for calculating the outpost's percentage increase/decrease (in seconds).
outpost-cap-delay: 5
# The delay for checking if a player has entered the outpost
player-track-delay: 1
# When calculating the outpost's percentage increase/decrease, a random number is generated in between the following floats.
  minimum: 1.11
  maximum: 3.64
# What should the percent look like? (e.g.: #.# = 14.2, #.## = 14.23)
cap-percent-format: '#.#'

# Display a hologram in the middle of the outpost?
use-hologram: true
# How often should the hologram be updated?
hologram-task-delay: 1
# How far up should the hologram be?
hologram-y-offset: 2
# The layout of the hologram
  - '&7Status: &a%status%'
  - '&7Faction: &a%faction%'
  - '&7Percent: &a%percent%%'
  - '%progress%'

# The progress bar for the %progress% bit in the hologram-layout.
  completed-color: '&a'
  uncompleted-color: '&7'
  bar-symbol: '|'
  number-of-bars: 40
  format: '&8[&r%bar%&8]'

# Status messages.
  inactive: 'inactive'
  attack: 'under attack'

# Is the sender not a player?
only-player: '&cOnly in-game players can use this command.'
# Does the sender have permission?
no-perms: '&cYou do not have permission to use this command.'
# Was the value entered not a number?
not-a-number: '&c%number% is not a number.'
# The player didn't enter enough arguments to set the outpost percent.
invalid-usage-percent: '&cInvalid command usage: /outpost setpercent <percent>'
# Was the percentage entered by the player invalid?
invalid-percent: '&cThe percent must be between 0 and 100.'
# The configuration was reloaded.
config-reloaded: '&aThe config was reloaded successfully.'
# The outpost doesn't have an owner.
outpost-neutral: '&7Outpost is currently &aneutral &7(&a%points%%&7)'
# The outpost is capped by a faction.
outpost-capped: '&7Outpost is controlled by &a%faction% &7(&a%points%%&7)'
# The outpost capture zone was set.
cap-cuboid-set: '&aOutpost capture zone has been set.'
# The player doesn't have a selection yet.
make-selection: '&cYou need to make a WorldEdit selection first.'
# The outpost was neutralised (was the faction disbanded?)
outpost-neutralised: '&7Outpost has been &aneutralized&7!'
# There is more than 1 faction trying to capture the outpost.
enemy-faction-capping: '&7Another faction is preventing you from capturing the outpost.'
# A faction lost control to the outpost.
outpost-lost: '&7Outpost has been &aneutralized &7by &a%attacker% &7causing &a%defender% &7to lose control.'
# The message sent when a new percentage is calculated.
percent-update: '&7Outpost control: &a%points%%'
# The outpost was captured by a faction.
outpost-captured: '&7Outpost has been successfully captured by &a%faction%&7!'
# The player trying to capture the outpost is in wilderness.
wilderness-cap: '&cYou can''t capture the outpost without belonging to a faction.'
# Message confirming the percent was set.
percent-set: '&7Outpost percent was set to: &a%percent%&7.'
# Message telling the player they received money from having control of the outpost.
received-money: '&7You received &c$%amount% &7from having control of the outpost.'
# Message letting the player know the outpost was deleted.
outpost-deleted: '&7The outpost was successfully deleted.'
# Message showing the player what sub commands there are.
invalid-usage: '&cInvalid command usage: /outpost <setpercent <percent> | setzone | delete | reload>.'

Below is an example of the outpost.yml file which is generated (after you set the outpost zone), this is used to set the outpost zone after restarts so you don't have to set it every time.
      x: -21.0
      y: 63.0
      z: 213.0
      x: -16.0
      y: 66.0
      z: 218.0
    cap-percent: 8.577227
    faction-id: '55'
The minimum-point and maximum-point sections are just the corners which you selected when creating the outpost zone, these are needed to create the capture zone after restarts. The persist section is where the capture percentage and owner faction is saved (if enabled in the config) to not lose scores or outpost control after restarts.

Here is a list of all the permissions in the plugin and what they are for:
outpost.commands.use: Get plugin help by typing /outpost help.
outpost.commands.setzone: Set the outpost capture zone.
outpost.commands.setpercent: Set the current capture percent for the outpost.
outpost.commands.delete: Delete the outpost.
outpost.commands.reload: Reload the outpost config.

This is the hologram which appears in the centre of the outpost, you can configure the y offset in case you want it to be a bit higher up.

These are the messages for when you're on the outpost capture zone:

If another faction is on the capture point, you will get a message which looks like the following (it can also be changed):

Setting up:
To setup the outpost capture point, you will need to create a WorldEdit selection and then execute the command /outpost setzone. This will then create the capture zone and, if enabled, will also create the hologram to go in the middle of the outpost.

This plugin can integrate into PlaceholderAPI (if it is installed on your server). There are two placeholders:
%outpost_cap_percent%: displays the capture percent of the outpost.
%outpost_cap_faction%: displays which faction owns the outpost.



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  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin under any circumstances.
  • You will not chargeback any payment, this is a digital product and upon purchasing it you will receive the plugin in a JAR format.

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