FREE Hand-Drawn Character Server/Buycraft Icon 1.0

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Enjoy a FREE server icon or buycraft icon.

Enjoy this 100% free server icon! It’s just a basic guy, but it can be used as a Buycraft icon or a server icon. Both versions have a transparent background, and are fairly neutral, so they would fit in with any server.

When you click download, you will receive:

-all .png’s in a zip file

-one 952x952 icon version

-one 64x64 icon version

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Latest reviews

Thanks for that !
there's just something strange, I can't open them on my computer it tells me that the format is not supported, just needs to be tested in overlay or something else!
Thanks Swilt! Sorry that’s happening! I can help you out/send a new version if you’d like, just DM me anytime :)
very cool, thanks :)
Glad you enjoy! :)
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