14 Hand-drawn Block Buycraft Icons 2.0

14 Buycraft icons of various MC materials. Crafting table, furnace, diamonds and ores, stone, grass.
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  • 9-hand-drawn-block-buycraft-icons-204585.jpg
  • 14-block-minecraft-server-icons-220512.jpg

14 hand drawn block-themed server icons, including 2 chests. Drawn in a similar style as some of my other resources, these graphics match one another and will appear coherent and elegant in any Buycraft store.

What you’ll get after purchasing:
1 .ZIP file containing 14 .png’s of the 14 icons above. All will have transparent backgrounds, and no watermarks.

The size is provided in 1090x1090, which is a large, HD size for these icons. Do your own research on whether this size will fit your store, as all websites are different.

Please note a user has reported that Enjin requires 800x800 files, which this resource does NOT include. If you are using Enjin, please keep this fact in mind, and know that you may need to resize the icons for them to work in your store.

Latest updates

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    I have added 5 new icons featuring popular Minecraft ores as well as a newer block Netherite and...
  2. 4 New Material Icons

    I’ve added 4 new icons to the pack, for a total of 9 icons. These include two new chests to...
  3. Additional Size Update

    Following a report that the resource did not upload properly into Enjin, I have updated so that...

Latest reviews

Nice Icons, The graphic is smooth
Amazing icons! The shades and details on the icons match the price, it looks great on Buycraft as well, definitely recommend it!
Thanks Kjell - I really appreciate it! Glad you're able to make use of them :)
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