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The ole "Freeze Tag" game we used to play as kids
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Freeze Tag
Remember playing Freeze tag? Running around freezing other players and only the "unfreeze team" could unfreeze them. Well now you can play it on Minecraft! Play with up to 16 players at a time and attempt to not be frozen in order to win diamonds (or whatever your server offers as currency). Other perks for being the "freezer" will be added soon, but for now only one player has a freeze stick and everyone else gets the 'unfreeze' stick to help out their frozen buddies.


Players run around "tagging" other players with either the freeze stick (regular stick) to freeze the players or the unfreeze stick (blaze rod). If one or more players are frozen at the end of the 5 min (adjustable) game, the "freezer's" win the set prize. In this case, it set to give them 20 diamonds. If the player is given an 'unfreeze stick' then they have to run around and 1) not get frozen themselves, and 2) help other players not stay frozen by the end of the game so they all can get the prize.
If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this resource, feel free to add me on discord (brobie1kanobi #5195) or ask me in the "discuss this resource" option. I will try to respond in a timely fashion.

Main command: /qtag

Executable by all players
Used to join the queue for starting freeze tag. It is currently set to start the game 1 minute after 3 or more players are in the queue, but can be easily adjusted to start after as many players as you want have joined the queue by changing the first line under the above command to the amount you want (inside the skript).

- Other used commands -

Set game spawn: /setfreezespawn
Manually clear the queue: /freezereset
These are both default set to only allow OP's to be able to execute, but you can set them to whatever permission you want to give your staff to be able to use them.

Not associated, nor affiliated with any other Freeze tag or freeze plugins or skripts. Made on my own time, so any donations or purchases will be appreciated.

Latest updates

  1. Player count fixes

    Added the feature to make sure players couldn't join the game while a game is active.
  2. Major fixes

    Fixes things like: + Sending game messages to only players in the queue instead of all players...
  3. Bug fixes

    Game start and messages timed incorrectly. Other small fixes as well.


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