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APermissions |✧Ranks✧| ✧Grant/Grants GUI✧| ✧MySQL & FlatFile!✧ 1.1.1

A custom Permissions plugin with /grant, /grants, /rank etc..

  1. Emeraldx6
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.7.x , 1.8.x - Newer never tested
    Req. Server Software:



    1. Java 8
    2. 1.7 - 1.8 Spigot (other versions were not tested)
    Optional Requirements:

    1.MySql Database - plugin uses the MySql database to store all the info. It also uses it to communicate with bungeecord servers. (This is not needed if you are using a Single Spigot server.)

    Commands and Permissions:
    Rank commands: (permissions.command.rank)

    • /rank create <name>
    • /rank delete <name>
    • /rank setdefault <name>
    • /rank setprefix <name> <prefix>
    • /rank setsuffix <name> <suffix>
    • /rank list
    • /rank setcolor <name> <color>
    • /rank setchatcolor <name> <color>
    • /rank setweight <name> <weight>
    • /rank listperm <name>
    • /rank addperm <name> <permissions>
    • /rank removeperm <name> <permissions>
    • /rank addinher <name> <inher>
    • /rank removeinher <name> <inher>
    • /rank import
    • /rank backup
    Grant Commands:
    • /grant <name> (permissions.command.grant)
    • /grants <name> (permissions.command.grants)
    SetRank Command:
    • /setrank <player> <rank> <time> <reason> (permissions.command.setrank)
    Player Permission Commands:
    • /setperm <name> <permission> <true/false>(permissions.command.setpermission)
    • /listperms (permissions.command.listpermissions)
    List Command:
    • /list (permissions.command.list)
    • /list supports almost all vanish plugins (SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, VanishNoPacket, etc.) To see vanished people you need this permission: permissions.list.vanished

    Chat comes with plugin:

    • The chat supports PlaceHolderAPI
    • If you dont want to use it You can disable it in settings.yml and just use any other chat plugin.
    PlaceholderAPI Placeholders:
    • %permissions_player_rank%
    • %permissions_player_prefix%
    • %permissions_player_suffix%
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Placeholders:
    • {permissions_player_rank
    • {permissions_player_prefix}
    • {permissions_player_suffix}
    Contact us:
    Email: [email protected]
    Discord: david1787#1787

    If you are interested of buying the Src Msg Me on discord.
    SRC: 150$ (with updates) USD

    Proof of code: