15 Buycraft Icons Keys and Chests $0.40 PER ICON // #1 ICON PACK ON MCM! 3.0

A pack of keys and chest icons for your Buycraft store needs.
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  • Chest icon marketing.png
  • 4E1DCC7F-BC99-4AAF-B98A-A9BFA5B75D46.png
  • 15-buycraft-icons-keys-and-chests-191911.jpg

This Buycraft pack includes 8 themed chests, two which are half open, and 7 themed keys including 1 keychain. There’s an evil key, a regular gold key, a blue icy key and a silver key.
This pack is perfect for selling your crates/crate keys in your server store.

What you get after purchase:

-1300x1300 png’s of each icon with transparent backgrounds. It is your responsibility to ensure 1300x1300 size will fit on your Buycraft store- on some sites, resizing may be necessary.

-15 images in a zip file which you need to unzip in order to access.

-7 keys, 8 chests.

-A bonus recolor of one of the icons shown above.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me onsite or on discord: Wonder#0513

Want to add custom text to this pack, or any of my others? Here's a guide explaining how, in 4 steps. https://readyartshop.com/blogs/guides/how-to-add-text-to-minecraft-server-icons-and-logos

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Latest updates

  1. New Chest and Keychain Icons

    Updated with 4 additional icons, including an all new custom designed chest and 3 keys.
  2. 4 extra chest/key recolors!

    I have updated the .zip file to additionally include 2 extra chest recolors and 2 extra key...

Latest reviews

Excellent . To all those looking for affordable High quality Buycraft Icons , This is where you buy them. Absolutely perfect
Thank you so much Ariel! I'm glad you like my resources :) Hope they get good use on your store!
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