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Buy my Massive Beautiful Spawn for a good price!

  1. L A R K Y Y
    Massive Beautiful Spawn
    Informations about Spawn:
    • Crates Area
    • A lot of space!
    • Finished Interior
    • Small Parkour
    • A lot of details, boats, islands, etc!
    Additional Informations:
    • This resource obtain only .schematic file.
    • Schematic is copied from the spawnpoint of the world.
    • This spawn was built on version 1.12.2 (You can use it on lower versions).


    Terms and Conditions
    You cannot claim ownership.
    You cannot resell this resource.
    You cannot use it in setup.
    You can modify this build to your liking.
    You can refund or chargeback.
    Every purchase is final.

    Product of Builders-Academy
    L A R K Y Y#1259
    Crediting Original:
    Flory <3

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  1. 20% Sale!
  2. Little fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Project2020
    Version: 1.0
    This build is amazing! I have been on the edge of purchasing this for weeks now. I'm glad I have finally made that leap and purchased it. Thanks for sharing a great build!
    1. L A R K Y Y
      Author's Response
      No problem! Btw if you want any custom map, let contact me :) I have a team of builders ^^. Thanks, Larkyy.