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Manage Your Plugins
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What is UltimatePluginManager?
UltimatePluginManager is a simple, easy to use plugin that let's server administrators manage plugins from either in-game or console without the need to restart the server.


    • Enable, disable, restart, load, reload and unload plugins from in-game or console
    • List plugins alphabetically, with version if specified
    • Get useful information from plugins
    • Easily manage plugins without restart your server
    • List commands a plugin has registered
    • Find which plugin a command is registered to
    • Tab completion for command names and plugin names
    • Check if a plugin is up-to-date
    • Permission support (All commands default to OP)
/upm help - Show help information
/upm list [-v] - List plugins in alphabetical order. Use "-v" to include versions
/upm info [plugin] - Displays information about a plugin
/upm usage [plugin] - List commands that a plugin has registered
/upm lookup [command] - Find which plugin a command is registered to
/upm enable [plugin|all] - Enable a plugin
/upm disable [plugin|all] - Disable a plugin
/upm restart [plugin|all] - Restart (disable/enable) a plugin
/upm load [plugin] - Load a plugin
/upm reload [plugin|all] - Reload (unload/load) a plugin
/upm unload [plugin] - Unload a plugin
/upm check [plugin|all] [-f] - Check if a plugin is up-to-date

All permissions are default to OP
ultimatepluginmanager.admin - Allow use of all UltimatePluginManager commands
ultimatepluginmanager.update - Allow user to see update messages
ultimatepluginmanager.help - Allow use of the help command
ultimatepluginmanager.list - Allow use of the list command
ultimatepluginmanager.info - Allow use of the info command
ultimatepluginmanager.usage - Allow use of the usage command
ultimatepluginmanager.lookup - Allow use of the lookup command
ultimatepluginmanager.enable - Allow use of the enable command
ultimatepluginmanager.enable.all - Allow use of the enable all command
ultimatepluginmanager.disable - Allow use
of the disable command
ultimatepluginmanager.disable.all - Allow use of the disable all command.
ultimatepluginmanager.restart - Allow use of the restart command
ultimatepluginmanager.restart.all - Allow use of the restart all command
ultimatepluginmanager.load - Allow use of the load command
ultimatepluginmanager.reload - Allow use of the reload command
ultimatepluginmanager.reload.all - Allow use of the reload all command
ultimatepluginmanager.unload - Allow use of the unload command
ultimatepluginmanager.check - Allow use of the check command
ultimatepluginmanager.check.all - Allow use of the check all comamnd

# A list of plugins that we should ignore when doing enable, disable, restart, load, reload, and unload.
# This takes the form of a comma separated list enclosed within the brackets.
ignored-plugins: [UltimatePluginManager]

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