CREATIVE SETUP | 1.12.2 | Safe WorldEdit & VoxelSniper | Dynmap | Cosmetics & More 1.0

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Pretty Spawn & Road, Lag-free, 1.8 - 1.13 compatible, Custom Brushes, ArmorStand Editor & much more!
Hey, old setup I used to sell, it's a bit outdated but I think some people could find some stuff useful here :)


Impress your players with a very complete and lag-free Creative server. Plugins setups are optional, you can drag & drop the server, it's ready for immediate use. From language translations to blocks restrictions, this Creative setup is highly customizable.

▪ 145x145 plots (Customizable)
▪ Optimized Worldedit & VoxelSniper | Restricted to plots | Millions of blocks without any lag
▪ Custom Brushes | Unique brushes that you won't find on Spigot
▪ Dynmap + plot addon | 2D and 3D visualization of the world
▪ Pretty Spawn & Roads | Elegant spawn, nice roads and a tree bundle
▪ Dynamic Scoreboard & Tab | Very discreet and no lags
▪ 500+ heads database | A lot of new building possibilities
▪ Non-vanilla blocks | You won't find them in the creative inventory
▪ Complete Armorstand Editor | Restricted to plots for players
▪ 10 ranks | 5 player ranks and 5 staff ranks
▪ Allow clients from [1.8 to 1.13]
▪ Multiple GUIs
| Always prettier than a text chat
▪ Detailed /help | Already written, just for you!
▪ 50+ building tips | Players love to have suggestions
▪ Many cosmetics | Trails, Pets, colors...
▪ Plugins & map stealers blocked | Hidden plugins and no way to steal your world!
▪ Automatic welcome command | For lazy players...
▪ Safe border | Don't fear players from loading unwanted chunks
▪ WorldEdit selection visualizer | Without any mod needed!
▪ VoxelSniper command fixer | The famous annoying conflict with /p is now fixed
▪ Test/Demo server (Minecraft) :
▪ Test/Demo dynmap (Web Browser) :

Detailed Features

Plot world generation:
By default, you download a world with 100 plots where each chunk has already been loaded. The default size for a plot is 145x145. You can easily change that by generating a new world with new sizes and more plots (setup tutorials below)
In case you don't know what a plot looks like:

By default, each player can use WorldEdit. But only the basics commands. (Such as the //copy, //paste, //cut...) By ranking up, the player unlocks a better WorldEdit with an access to the brushes. All harmful commands of WorldEdit have been deactivated for the players.
Example of what a player will see in the //help. In green, the commands he has access to and in red, the commands he doesn't have access to.

FastAsyncWorldEdit allows players to use WorldEdit without any lag, hundreds of players can edit millions of blocks at the same time, you won't feel any lag. I've put a limitation to 5 million blocks per player for each edit. You can lower it, or increase it in the config.


VoxelSniper is one of the best tools for terraforming. Here you can allow your players to build beautiful landscapes. Don't fear any lag with the FastAsyncVoxelSniper optimizer.
Thanks to a plugin made by a French developer (Shouka), you have access to these new brushes:
If you want to try them out, just send me a pm here or on Discord
- /b eb melt
- /b eb fill
- /b eb smooth
- /b eb lift
- /b eb floatclean
Here are some builds I personally made with this Voxel addon (I'm not a great builder tho)


The Dynmap allows your players to have an aerial 2D or 3D view of their builds, or the other player's builds. They can easily travel around the world without even launching Minecraft. In the file you will download, the dynmap is not rendered yet. Please find below a tutorial on how to activate it properly.
2D View:

3D View:

There is also a dynmap addon that allows visualizing a plot's owner, flags, position and members.

Included builds:
In this setup, you are also buying:
Pretty Spawn | Discreet Road | Example Plot | Tree Bundle
The Spawn

Player's POV at the spawn

A simple and very discreet road

Example plot

Tree bundle

Scoreboard, Tab & Prefix above player
Very lightweight, very discreet, it doesn't cover all your screen, you can customize every line of each. The tab is ordered, players with a higher rank will be on the top.

1st line: Scoreboard title
2nd line: Player's name
3rd line: ID of the item you're holding (for WorldEdit)
4th line: Number of plots you own
5th line: Number of plots you can claim
Last line: The player's name of the plot you're standing in
Note: That's only the scoreboard I propose, you can edit everything you see!

I like clean tabs, with not too many animations, but you can add as much animations/ information as you want.

A reduced prefix and the color of the player's rank

Head database & non-vanilla blocks
Players unlock these new blocks by simply ranking up. You can't find them in the classic creative inventory. Type /lh to open the Head database. Type /blocks to open the secret blocks GUI.
One of the many pages of the head database

The secret blocks GUI

ArmorStand Editor
Awesome and secure Armorstand editor that allow creating cool scenes. By default, the players unlock this feature when they rankup. The players can only edit armorstands within their plots.
GUI control menu

Armorstand example

Detailed help
I've written an help page that should resume the main commands to use the Plots, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and a few more. The texts are clickables so the players only need to type /help.
Main menu

Random help page

I've already created a GUI (/ranks) with the current ranks, and you should adapt it or change it with your own server's conditions to obtain these ranks.

Cosmetics, trails, pets...
Some classic cosmetics that your players can unlock by ranking up per default. You can also give them each cosmetic separately.
An example of a trail and a pet


First use

Some settings and commands you should do
  • In the spigot.yml, set BungeeCord on true or false depending if you use it or not
  • The 3 default plots are owned by me, you should run /p setowner YourName while standing in the plots to change their owner. (Click here for a list of all Plot commands)
Language translations
If your players are not English speakers, you should translate into the following files:
  • plugins/AdvancedHelp/config.yml
  • plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt (lines 392,393 and 424 to 429)
  • plugins/Essentials/config.yml (just change the locale line 343)
  • plugins/PlotSquared/config/commands.yml
  • plugins/PlotSquared/translations/PlotSquared.use_this.yml
Note: If you wish to translate in French, I can give you these translations, just PM me!

Adding more plots
If you want to increase the number of plots, you simply need to increase the border radius. Please follow these steps
  • Go to the 0,0 coordinates
  • Type '/wb set [NewRadius]' (e.g: /wb set 2000)
  • Type '/worldborder set [NewRadius x2]' (e.g: /worldborder set 4000)
  • You can check your new border on the dynmap
  • (optional) Load all chunks within the border: '/wb creative fill 20 208 false'

Dynmap first use
Find here how to set it up properly
  • Go to the plugin folder /dynmap
  • Open the configuration.txt file (Notepad++ editor recommended)
  • Go to line 319 and replace the IP with your server IP
  • If you don't have a firewall, you are done
  • The dynmap should appear at this address : yourserverip:8123 (e.g

If you have a firewall, (e.g UncomplicatedFireWall), you need to open the port (8123 by default), or else nobody will see the dynmap :

  • Go into the main console of your dedicated server (not your Minecraft console!)
  • If you are using UFW, type 'ufw allow 8123/tcp' If you are using another firewall, type the command that corresponds to your firewall
  • The dynmap should appear at this address : yourserverip:8123 (e.g

If the dynmap is black, it's normal the render has not started yet. Manual block place will trigger the render and update automatically the chunks concerned.
If you want to run a quick render (of your spawn for example), I recommend running the following command:
/dynmap radiusrender creative 0 0 500
Give it an hour to finish the process and the spawn should be rendered. You can follow the process directly on the dynmap address. If you want a complete render, please go to the next spoiler.

If you don't have a dedicated server (only Minecraft server), you will probably have to contact your server owner to ask them to unlock the port 8123. Or else the dynmap will work, but nobody will be able to see it.

If you have any problem with setting up the dynmap, feel free to contact me via Discord (Stalk3r77#3149), I'll try to help. But keep in mind that I'm only familiar with Debian (Linux).
If you have a big server and expects a lot of players, you might want to increase the number of plots by changing the borders values (see above). After changing the border value, the players will generate new chunks, dynmap will automatically update the tiles. However, you might want to force dynmap to render all chunks. You can do that with the following :

  • /!\ A full render can take several hours or days, depending on your world size (it's extremely long, I can't help it, it's the plugin) E.g: A 10000x10000 map will take 48 hours to render
  • Go to your Minecraft console
  • Type down 'dynmap fullrender creative'
  • Now wait, as said above, it can take a very long time. I don't recommend running this command while the players are here (little lags can occur). You can follow the progression of the render on the dynmap address.
  • You can cancel the render anytime by typing 'dynmap cancelrender'

Adding more security
I've already made sure to block the most famous lag sources (entity cap, mob-cap, WorldEdit entities...), but you can have an even safer server.
If you are afraid of malicious people and want to avoid server crashes at all costs, I recommend doing the following:
Allow only simple redstone and prevents all kind of redstone clocks on each plot.

  • Go to the plugin folder /PlotSquared/config
  • Open the worlds.yml file
  • Go at the end of the file, you will find the default flags
  • Add a new line: 'redstone: false'
  • Save, upload, and /p reload
  • Now when you do /p info in an owned plot, you should see the redstone: false flag
You can allow specific players to have full redstone access by typing: /p flag set redstone true
Note: The players with the builder rank can remove this flag and unlock full access redstone (you can remove this in PEX)
I highly recommend doing this if you think some players will attempt to crash the server.

  • Go to the plugin folder /WorldEdit
  • Open the config.yml file
  • Add the following blocks to the disallowed blocks
    disallowed-blocks: [6, 8, 10, 26, 27, 28, 31, 37, 38, 39, 40, 46, 50, 51, 55, 59, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 75, 76, 77, 81, 83, 90, 93, 94, 104, 105, 106, 111, 115, 117, 119, 131, 138, 141, 142, 147, 148, 149, 150, 154, 157, 175, 176, 177, 193, 194, 196, 197, 207, 217, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 296, 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 388, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 398, 399, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 419, 420, 421, 422, 423, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 437, 438, 439, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451, 452, 453, 2256, 2257, 2258, 2259, 2260, 2261, 2262, 2263, 2264, 2265, 2266, 2267]
    (make sure to use the right amount of spaces before 'disallowed blocks')
  • Save, upload and /we reload
You can also lower the value of the 'max blocks changed' setting in the FastAsyncWorldEdit config file (default is 5M blocks). It will lower a little the RAM usage.

Some problems you might have run into, here are the solutions

Your spigot.yml Creative file and your config.yml BungeeCord file are not matched!

  • If you don't use BungeeCord, just readjust the spigot.yml config with 'bungeecord: false'
  • If you are using BungeeCord, put 'bungeecord: true' in the spigot.yml and 'ip_forward: true' in the BungeeCord config.yml

The plot you're standing in is owned by me, just change the plot owner by running '/plot setowner YourName' while standing in the plot

/!\ Do not delete the bukkit.yml file /!\
You will lose the plot generator and lose data:

(This is at the end of the bukkit.yml file, never delete this)

You can send me a PM here or on Discord (Stalk3r77#3149) if you have issues, trouble setting up, or if you simply have a question on what you're about to download.

As I said all above, I cannot provide any real support, that's why it's free

As requested by MC Market, here is proof that I'm the owner of this setup, and a VirusTotalScan report
I recorded myself setting up 2 plugins from this setup




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