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SolexAbility | Custom Abilities! 0.0.3

This plugin allows you to gain items with custom abilities and such.

  1. 0.0.3 - Bug fixes + New features

    Fixed spawn radius so it actually works.

    Cleaned up a TON of code so the file size should be smaller than without the cleanup.

    Added amount to the ability command so the args for it now are:
    /ability <abilityname> [amount]
    Added helmetOnly option to the switcher axe, add it to your config by replacing the SwitcherAxe section with this:

      #Item HAS to be GOLD_AXE, this option is only here for future updates if I'm going to implement custom items.
  2. Bugs fixed, etc.

    + Switcher Axe
    * Fixed Bugs
  3. Name changed.

    The name just changed lol