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Why use WHMCS when you can have it done from your discord server!
Hey there,

Today I have decided to create another discord bot and this time it is an automatic commission bot that will do all of the work for you. This auto commission bot will let users enter a command, and then it will ask a few questions about the amount of ram, package, ect. This will then generate a paypal link where the user can pay for their service. This bot can be used for multi-purpose use. I have also got a fully working pterodactyl API system in place where you can create a user and a server from your discord server! Please note that this bot can not be resold. This includes selling your host/company and including the bot with it; Anybody that does this will be reported by myself to the MCM staff team, thanks.

This bot is currently in ALPHA stage and still has many features that I need to add. I will be adding multiple new features to this bot, hopefully every 2 weeks or so, and this bot's price may increase depending on if I think it is undervalued so make sure to buy it while it's cheap! If you have any issues with the bot or just simply want to test the bot then please DM me via discord MeerBiene#7060

- Meer

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I like it, i hope more features and commands will come soon. Keep going!
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