Project Tracking Script 1.1

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PHP-based project tracking system.
PHP-based project tracking system. This was a PHP tool made by me in December of 2018 (back when I first started PHP). Allows you to provide your clients with a URL to see all status updates on their project. Very simple, and minimal CSS involved. This is just the core PHP project.

Rename trackingCreate.php to something more secretive, as this is the administrator URL to create new projects. Edit line 8 of trackingCreate.php: if(isset($_GET["edit"])) to something like if(isset($_GET["nQoAtO"])). Go to the new create page and create a project. Browse to it, and append it with your new GET string. ie: "" to provide updates.

Demo: (ID: 6666-6666-6666-6666)

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Headers

    Modified header URL to file path, rather than ""
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