[ 1.13 - 1.16.4 ] TitlesDeluxe 2.0.4

Let players BUY titles using built-in currency.
What is TitlesDeluxe
TitlesDeluxe is a titles plugin, that lets players purchase any of the available titles using the builtin currency. A title is a tag which you can fully customize. You can set the title to be shown by using the placeholder found in "How to use".

The plugin comes with 40 premade titles to get you started right away.

You can easily create, delete or change titles via the titles.yml config file which is simply and easy to understand.

I wont be updating the [1.8 - 1.12] so frequently anymore, because I want to focus on improving the [1.13+] version and it is too much of a hassel too update them both. I might come back to update it again some other time.
It will still be available for you too download.

Commands & permissions
/titles - open titles menu.

/titles givepoints (player) (amount) - give tagpoints to a player.

/titles givetitle (player) (title) - give player a specific title.

/titles pay (player) (amount) - pay player points.

/titles list - show all available titles.

/titles help - view commands.

/titles reload - reload config.yml, lang.yml and titles.yml.

This plugin requires PlaceholderAPI, make sure the placeholder have loaded correctly "/papi list" if you dont see titlesdeluxe, then do "/papi ecloud download titlesdeluxe".

%titlesdeluxe_name% - Show title name
%titlesdeluxe_desc% - Show title description
%titlesdeluxe_price% - Show the title price
%titlesdeluxe_tag% - Show the title tag

How to show tag
Use following placeholder to view the player's tag "%titlesdeluxe_tag%"

If your server is using this plugin, and you wish to have your server listed here for people to see, then make sure to dm me on mcm.
No servers yet

Did you run into an issue or found a bug? Do you have a feature request or just a suggestion .
Then make sure to join my discord where I can quickly have it fixed or perhabs added.

Note »
Please DO NOT leave bad reviews for any issues
that you have. Please simply PM me or leave it
in the discussion tab. Thank you.

Reviews are highly appreciated!

(( buy me a cup of coffee ))

Latest updates

  1. bug fixes and updated jar

    For the time being I am ending support for < 1.13, but I will make support for it in the future...
  2. [BUG FIX] Invis tag & cannot buy message

    [FIXED] cannot buy message being send when player opens menu [FIXED] invis tag was making an...
  3. [SMALL UPDATE] Invisible tag

    Just a small update, containing a feature request. Only the 1.13+ file has been updated...

Latest reviews

Highly Recommended Plugin! Best Titles/Badges Plugin ever made!

Super easy and fully configurable Titles, Very easy to setup and understand. Very helpful and Friendly Developer as a bonus!
Awesome plugin, totally worth the price. Keep up the good work.
Thank you, glad you like it :)
I love it and so do my players :) Its easy to use and despite beeing a new resouce it just works and so far we haven't found neither bugs nor exploits :))



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