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⯁ Minigames Perks [1.8-1.15] Unique | Custom Perks | Just like Hypixel ⯁ 1.3.3

Make your minigame a more unique experience for your players! Create your own perks!

  1. xF IncrettivE

    Do you have players in your minigames server that have purchased all kits and they can't spend their currency anywhere? Minigames Perks is the perfect way to add new fun extension and randomness to the gamemode! It adds over 20 perks with 5 levels by default. Upgrading a perk gives you more chance for it to happen. For example you can get a golden apple when you kill a player, or you can spawn a Spider when you die! It works with any plugin that has a command to take the currency from a player and a PlaceholderAPI placeholder for the currency. You can create your own perks! Works with file or mysql database!

    Depends on PlaceholderAPI
    Feel free to ask anything before purchasing!
    Also if you want to try the plugin, contact me to setup a server.

    • Everything is configurable!
    • Create your own perks!
    • Ready to use, just place in the plugins folder and restart the server!
    • 21 events, 11 causes, 13 prizes and more to come!
    • Works with any currency plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI, even your own currency!
    • 20 default perks!
    • Unique and fun!
    • Great for all minigames servers!
    • Fast and bug-free!
    • Fast support from the developer!
    • PlaceholderAPI support!
    • Custom items in the inventory!
    • Another menu to confirm the upgrading, can be disabled and it can be fully customized!
    • No config deletion! If there is a problem with the config, the console will send a message with all the info you need to fix it!
    • MySQL or file database support!
    Servers using Minigames Perks

    • play.blazedland.ro
      • /register, then click on navigator skyblock. Hit PERKS NPC to open the menu.
    • Share your server that uses minigames perks with us in our discord server!

    Wiki Page
    Everything is documented in the wiki page of the plugin, that you can see by clicking here!

    Default Perks

    Arrow Recovery - Get your arrow back when you hit a player
    Blazing Arrow - Shoot a fire arrow
    Annoyer - Spawn an endermite when you hit a player with an arrow
    Barbarian - Deal bonus damage with axes
    Tanky - Reduce damage taken
    Revenge - Spawn spider on death
    Hungry - Restore more food and health on eating
    Mining Expert - Get extra block when mining a Building Block
    Bridge Builder - Keep your Building Block when you place it
    Marksmanship - Get +1 Power on all bows in your inventory
    Gladiator - Get +1 Sharpness on all swords in your inventory
    People Eater - Fill your hunger on kill
    Teleport Master - Takes no damage when you teleport with an ender pearl
    Pearl Stealer - Get an ender pearl on void kill
    Apple of Death - Get a golden apple on kill
    Enchanter - Get 1 XP Level on kill
    Rage - Get Strength II on kill
    Bloodthirst - Get Regeneration II on kill
    Everything can be removed and changed in your own taste! More can be created!


    Default Perks Config
      version: 1.0.0
      #The title of the inventory
      inventory-title: '&0&lPerk Upgrades'
      # 1 to 6
      inventory-size: 6
       #The empy slot's filling material, can be anything. For versions before 1.13 use ITEM:DATA (STAINED_GLASS:1 for orange glass)
      inventory-fill-material: AIR
       #The database's type: file or mysql
      databasetype: file
    #mysql settings, only needed if databasetype is mysql
        url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/databasename?createDatabaseIfNotExist=true
        username: root
        password: pass
        # The command - this example is for vault. Placeholders: {player} {cost}
        command: eco take {player} {cost}
        #Any PlaceholderAPI placeholder! https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/placeholderapi-placeholders/
        placeholder: '%vault_eco_balance_fixed%'
        #For how many seconds to activate the kill events for the last player who damaged the victim
        last-damager-time: 10
        #Creates a new custom item that is a barrier at slot 48 named "Close" with "Click to close" lore which will close the inventory when clicked.
          item: BARRIER
          slot: 48
          amount: 1
          name: '&c&lClose'
          lore: '&7Click to close.'
          - '[close]'
        #Creates a new custom item that is an emerald at slot 50 named "Balance" that shows the player's balance in it's lore and when clicked.
          item: EMERALD
          slot: 50
          amount: 1
          name: '&a&lBalance'
          lore: '&7You have %vault_eco_balance_fixed% coins'
          - '[message] {prefix}&7You have %vault_eco_balance_fixed% coins!'
      #The inventory that shows if the perk upgrading confirming is enabled
         #Is it enabled
        enabled: true
        #The inventory's title
        inventory-title: '&0&lConfirm Upgrade'
        #The inventory's size
        inventory-size: 6
        #The inventory's filling material
        inventory-fill-material: AIR
        #You can create any item here
          #The item that proceeds with the upgrading, it's an emerald block at slots 10, 11, 19 and 20.
            item: EMERALD_BLOCK
            - 10
            - 11
            - 19
            - 20
            amount: 1
            name: '&2&lConfirm Upgrade'
            lore: '&7&lClick to upgrade'
            - '[confirm]'
          #The item that cancels the upgrading, it's a redstone block at slots 15, 16, 24 and 25
            item: REDSTONE_BLOCK
            - 15
            - 16
            - 24
            - 25
            amount: 1
            name: '&4&lCancel Upgrade'
            lore: '&7&lClick to close'
            - '[cancel]'
          #The item that shows what perk you are upgrading, possible variables are {perkMaterial} and {perkName}
            item: '{perkMaterial}'
            slot: 40
            amount: 1
            name: '{perkName}'
      prefix: '&c&l[&a&lPerks&c&l] &f'
        started: '&eReloading...'
        completed: '&eReload completed!'
      player-invalid: '&cInvalid player!'
      permission-denied: '&cPermission denied!'
        maxed: '&cThis perk is already maxed!'
        upgraded: '&aPerk {perkName}&a has been upgraded to &9level {level}&a!'
        not-enough-balance: '&cYou don''t have enough coins!'
      something-went-wrong: '&cSomething went wrong, please contact an administrator!'
      invalid-perk: '&cInvalid perk name!'
      invalid-command: '&cInvalid command, please use &e/mp help'
        menu-header: '&c&m&l---*---*--&a &lMinigames Perks&c &m&l--*---*---'
        line-1: '&r  &a/mp open &7- &eOpen the menu'
        line-2: '&r  &a/mp perks &7 - &eList all perks'
        line-3: '&r  &a/mp upgrade &6[perk] &7- &eUpgrade a perk'
        line-1: '&r  &a/mp open &6[player] &7- &eOpen the menu for a player'
        line-2: '&r  &a/mp reload &7- &eReload the configs'
        line-3: '&r  &a/mp perks &7 - &eList all perks'
        line-4: '&r  &a/mp upgrade &6<perk> [player] &7- &eUpgrade a perk for a player'
      perk-not-specified: '&cPlease specify the perk''s id. Use /mp perks to list them.'
      player-not-specified: '&cPlease specify a player.'
      #the perk's config name
        #Item, can be anything. For versions before 1.13 use ITEM:DATA (STAINED_GLASS:1 for orange glass)
        item: ARROW
        #Item's name
        name: '&a&lArrow Recovery'
        #Item's main part of the lore {level} is the current level, {maxLevel} is the maximum level, {chance} is the chance the perk to activate. Use || to go on a new row
        lore: '&cLevel: &7{level}/{maxLevel}||||&7You have &3{chance}%&7 chance to get
          your||&7arrow back on hitting a player.||&r'
        #The last lore line when you can upgrade the perk
        last-lore-line-update-available: '&e&lUpgrade to:||&3{upgradeChance}% &7chance
          to get your||&7arrow back on hitting a player.||&r||&eCost:&7 {upgradeCost}
          coins||&aClick to upgrade!'
        #The last lore line when the perk is maxe
        last-lore-line-maxed: '&e&lFully Upgraded!'
        #The starting cost
        cost: 2000.0
        #The increasing cost after every upgrade:
        # lvl 0 -> lvl 1 - 2000
        # lvl 1 -> lvl 2 - 3500
        # lvl 2 -> lvl 3 - 5000
        cost-increase: 1500.0
        #The chance the event to happen, furmula: level * chance
        percent-chance-increase: 4.0
        #The perk's maximum level it can be upgraded to
        max-level: 5
       #The perk's position in the inventory, starts from 0
        position: 2
        #Is the perk enabled
        enabled: true
        #Will the message under this configuration be send to the player when the perk activates!
        message-enabled: true
        #Message when the perk activates
        message: '&aYou got your arrow back from your &eArrow Recovery &aperk!'
        #When will the perk happen. In this case when the player hits another player with an arrow
        event: hit-arrow-player
        #What will be the player's prizes. In this case it will give an arrow to the player
          - ARROW
          items-give-type: all

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    Commands and Permissions

    • /minigamesperks (/mp) - shows the help
    • /mp open - opens the menu - no permission
    • /mp open [player] - opens the menu for a player - perks.admin
    • /mp reload - reloads the configurations - perks.admin
    • /mp perks - shows all perks - no permission
    • /mp upgrade [perk] - upgrades a perk - no permission
    • /mp upgrade [perk] [player] - forces the player to upgrade the perk - perks.admin


    You can find more information about the placeholders that MinigamesPerks provides to PlaceholderAPI by clicking here.

    About me

    I am from Bulgaria and I am 19 years old. I've been working as Junior Java Developer for over a year now. I am mainly working with Spring and Java EE applications, but in my free time I enjoy making minecraft plugins. My main goal is to get better at programming and creating minecraft plugins helps a lot with that.


    • Add your own perks (DONE)
    • Activate the perk if the player is the last damager on player death (DONE)
    • Custom PlaceholderAPI placeholders (DONE)
    • Custom items in the inventory (DONE)
    • Confirm perk upgrade window (DONE)
    • Command activated perks (DONE)
    • Triple arrow prize (DONE)
    • Placeholder javascript check condition (WIP)
    • Send me your ideas!

    You can always ask for help in the discussions, by DMing me or in the official Minigames Perks Discord server:

    Terms and conditions

    1. This plugin cannot be refunded, all purchases are final, if you are not sure if you need it, don't purchase it. If you have any questions, contact me!
    1. Don't resell/decompile/redistribute/steal/share this plugin!
    2. Don't claim this plugin as your own!
    3. I have the rights to change the price without any notifications!
    4. I have the rights to change the TOS without any notifications!
    5. Use the review section only for reviews, send bugs or ideas in the discussions/DMs/discord server.

    Please rate and let me know what you think below! (★★★★★)