GameMode Change 3.8

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Changing gamemodes made simple.
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Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18

----------GAMEMODE CHANGE---------

Version: 3.8
Game Version: 1.8 - 1.18

This plugin is what you use to change your game mode for more information read the following.


<> = Required
() = Optional

/creative (username) - Sets game mode to creative.
Aliases: /gmc and /c
/survival (username) - Sets game mode to survival.
Aliases: /gms and /s
/spectator (username) - Sets game mode to spectator.
Aliases: /gmsp and /sp
/adventure (username) - Sets game mode to adventure
Aliases: /gma and /a
/gamemode <gamemode> (username) - Sets game mode to the selected gamemode.
Aliases: /gm


/creative : gmchange.gmc
/survival : gmchange.gms
/adventure : gmchange.gma
/spectator : gmchange.gmsp
/gamemode : gmchange.gamemode
Change other player's gamemodes: gmchange.others
Anti Creative Bypass - gmchange.creative.bypass
Notify - gmchange.notify
Change gamemode on death bypass - gmchange.death.bypass


We got reviewed by BGHDDevelopment! Note: This is an old version of the plugin been reviewed.


config.yml - Change messages and toggles different features...

# Gamemode Change Config

# Game mode Change message - The message that shows you/user the game mode they turned too.
# You can use Color codes.
# Use %gamemode% to get the gamemode they have changed too.
gmchange_msg: '&a&l(!) &aYour game mode has been changed to &b%gamemode%&a.'

# No permission Message, the message that comes up when you/users don't have permission to run the command.
# You can use Color codes.
# Use %perm% to get the permission in the spot (optional)
noperm_msg: '&c&l(!) &cYou do not have permission to do this. You need &9%perm%'

# Gamemode messages. If you want the word Creative to be in Caps or not
# Color codes are supported! If you use color codes in gmchange_msg they will be ignored for the the gamemode and after the gamemode.
creative: 'CREATIVE'
survival: 'SURVIVAL'
adventure: 'ADVENTURE'
spectator: 'SPECTATOR'

# Other Player Message, the message that comes up when you change other player's gamemode.
# You can use color Codes.
# Use %gamemode% to get the player's gamemode that has been changed.
# Use %player% to say the player's name that the gamemode that has been changed is.
otherplayer: '&a&l(!) &aYou have changed &9%player% &ato the gamemode &b%gamemode%'

# Do you want you can also do this to other players to be enabled or disabled?
message: "&7&l(!) &7You can change other player's gamemode's &3%command%"
enabled: true

# Player Not Found Error Message
# You can use Color Codes
player_not_found_message: '&c&l(!) &cThat player is not found.'

# Invalid Usage Error Message
# You can use Color Codes
# Use %usage% for the command and args.
invalid_usage_message: '&c&l(!) &cInvalid usage please use: %usage%'

# Invalid Gamemode Error Message
# You can use Color Codes.
invalid_gamemode_message: '&c&l(!) &cInvalid gamemode. Gamemodes: Creative; Survival; Adventure; or Spectator.'

# Creative command permission
creativeperm: 'gmchange.creative'

# Survival command permission
survivalperm: 'gmchange.survival'

# Adventure command permission
adventureperm: 'gmchange.adventure'

# Spectator command permission
spectatorperm: 'gmchange.spectator'

# Gamemode command permission
gamemodeperm: 'gmchange.gamemode'

# Change other people's gamemode permission
othersperm: 'gmchange.others'

# Toggle if your gamemode gets changed when you/a player dies.
deathToggle: false

# The gamemode you want players to change into if a player dies.
# deathToggle must be set to true.
# 0 = Survival | 1 = Creative | 2 = Adventure | 3 = Spectator
deathGamemode: 2

# Do you want to make it so people can't access gamemode creative unless they have the bypass permission?
# Anti Creative (true or false - enable/disable)
antiCreativeToggle: false

# The error message to players trying to go into creative without bypass permission.
antiCreativeErrorMessage: '&c&l(!) &cYou do not have permission to go into creative &cmode. You need the &cbypass permission.'

# Permission to bypass the anti creative mode.
antiCreativeBypassPerm: 'gmchange.creative.bypass'

# Do you want the notification feature of a gamemode change to enabled or disabled?
notifyToggle: false

# The message that should be displayed if you have gamemode change notification enabled?
# Color codes can be used.
# Use %player% to display the player name.
# Use %gamemode% to display the new gamemode.
notifyMessage: '&c&l(!) &6%player% &ahas just changed there gamemode to &6%gamemode%'

# ---- END of CONFIG ----


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