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Professional SkyPvP World [MAP] v1.2

A very detailed skypvp world

  1. N0SMOKE20
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.8x - 1.15x
    Req. Server Software:
    All server software is compatible with this product.
    - 11 insule personalizate
    - Spațiul lăzi
    - spațiul NPC
    - Locul de amplasare

    5af963a45dc3d5546c4b08c6e57e453d559b2c90.png 2020-01-13_00.29.24.png 2020-01-14_08.45.21.png 2020-01-13_00.28.12.png 2020-01-13_00.30.27.png 2020-01-13_00.30.12.png
    XYZ: 72 213 -106
    Sprijinul se acordă DOAR la Discord!
    N0SMOKE # 4757

    O altă lume:
    Lobby [Main]: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/13255/
    Crediting Original:
    N0SMOKE20, LoTooS & SaschaAvocado


    1. 2020-01-13_00.29.46.png

Recent Updates

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