Stellar Destroy The Core | First to break the block 100 times | Configurable Start Time [$5.00] 1.1.5

Every X hours a DTC event will start up, first player or faction to break the block wins.
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destroy the core dtc
Stellar Destroy The Core​


Every X amount of hours a Destroy The Core event will start-up. The first player or faction to break the block X amount of times will win a configurable reward.


  • Configure how often the DTC event starts
  • Configure how many breaks it takes to win the event
  • Configure if it tracks player breaks or faction breaks
  • Hooks into leaderboards


*All StellarDev plugins listed for sale are licensed.

Latest updates

  1. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    Update particle library to fix multi-world particle duplicates
  2. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    Allow events to be case insensitive in placeholders Add invalid placeholder checks
  3. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    Fix an issue when getting online faction members Add API events Use a new particles library to...
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