The ultimate towny configuration to save you hours of configuration work.

Welcome to the Towny Suite, the most in-depth towny configuration resource this side of the Earth. We've taken hours tirelessly configuring every element of the plugin, every single message was hand-configurated and all lingual and colour bugs were erradicated from the configuration.

This suite currently includes configurations for the following plugins & addons for such plugins, if you want us to configure any more towny extensions, we'll be happy to add them into our roster!​
  • TownyAdvanced
  • TownyGUI
The features of this resource will expand when new addons to towny are released and configured, or suggested to us and added to the package!
  • Thousands of unique messages with a matching theme.
  • A unique user interface (GUI) to easily use the plugin.
  • Various settings changed within the config to make the plugin more friendly.
  • Custom elements included within the GUI itself.
  • War function has been improved and balanced to avoid instant town deletions.
  • Hours of tweaking and testing to make sure there are no glitches.
  • Support for various plugin versions (new/old)
  • Support for various Minecraft versions (1.7.10-1.15.2)
  • Unlimited support and ability to add any towny extension to the configuration package.
We're providing a few screenshots of the GUI, since towny is mostly message based it would be incredibly time consuming to screenshot every message individually, however they follow a similar theme so a lot of messages have been omitted.





As stated in the features section, this package comes with free unlimited support along with your purchase. We've taken hours configuring already, and we're willing to spend hours more assisting all purchasers of our package.

If you wish to have a new configuration added to the Towny Suite (other Towny extensions) or have towny forks configured in the same manner added, PM us after (or before) purchase and we'll consider adding them. We're trying to make an amazing package here, and your support is invaluable.

As for where to contact me for support:
Discord: oNetflix#0001
MC-Market: oNetflix

Latest updates

  1. • Towny Suite | Release 1.2.0 •

    Added more messages from the most recent towny version TownyGUI plugin updates, rearranged some...
  2. • Towny Suite | Release 1.1.9c •

    Added further anti-leak measures.
  3. • Towny Suite | Release 1.1.9b •

    Minor bug fixes.

Latest reviews

No support for latest version of Towny
I am still implementing things in my server and setting things up, but so far from what I have seen of this towny config I am really liking it!

Thanks so much for your hard work Vorpal - and for assisting me!
Thanks for the positive review!
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