✅ The #1 package to increase server performance to its limits. Significantly reduces lag. ✨50% Sale✨
The Performance Suite is a conclusive package which will increase the performance of any server, this configuration includes configurations for every significant performance increasing plugin, as well as configurations for every significant server software which is currently used. You may notice that we're making big claims here, well this is a big package. And for mid-large playerbase server owners that want to use every inch of performance their server can get, this package is the best of its kind.

What is this package?
This package isn't a custom jar or server software, rather a set of highly optimised configurations which are designed to burn every inch of performance your server can handle, ensuring smooth gameplay and a significant reduction in lag across the board when using this configuration. This configuration will receive frequent updates and optimisations as we do further stress testing with different plugin sets.

This package now comes with a custom anticrash plugin! (PSAntiCrash) to avoid hacked clients crashing servers. This also comes with various anti-dupe measures.

Plugin/Jar Recommendations for Optimal Performance:
aSpigot ( 1.7/1.8 ) - Click here to purchase
mSpigot ( 1.8.8 ) - Click here to purchase
Aegis (Bungeecord) - Click here to purchase
FPS Helper - Click here to purchase
The final addition to this list doesn't strictly increase server performance, however it does increase your player's FPS and particle generation lag in some cases.

Does your plugin improve server performance? Get it added to our list as a recommendation, we'll test it and then give you free publicity on our resource publication along with the other recommended plugins for increasing server performance.


This package offers a wide variety of features and content all designed to improve performance on your server to its very limits.
  • Knowledge from over 20 hours of bot stresstesting and plugin diagnosis.
  • Consistent performance no matter what type of server you run.
  • Fixed issues in a variety of Spigot versions as well as adaptations for plugins.
  • Configurations for both Clearlag and the React plugins.
  • Spigot Configurations for Major forks and versions.
  • A 8-9% increase in performance from the default spigot used.
  • Backed up tests with reliable and consistent results.
  • Unlimited package support and edits for the lifetime of ownership and license duration.
  • Beautiful messages for spigot and various forks of spigot.
  • Endless access to the package even if for some reason the package is taken down.
  • Installation help, we'll install the entire package for you upon request (3 time usage).
Of course, we wouldn't make such bold claims without proper testing, we've spent a total of 20 hours since package release testing our servers with a variety of different playerbases as well as doing various bot stresstests to ensure our package can take any load you throw at it. We've also measured the performance increases of other competitor packages on the market currently, and included them in our benchmarks. These packages will not be named to avoid intentional trashing of these products.


This diagram shows the performance increase of our package using the default Spigot build manually built from Git.


This diagram shows the performance increase our package has when using a performance focused Spigot such as PaperSpigot (for example).



Since our package is mainly on the back-end, many screenshots cannot be provided of this. However, we have designed custom messages for a lot of operations within the spigot.yml, and we will display those screenshots here as a compromise, we will be including timings screenshots from our diagnostics tool in the future as well.



There is a server full message, however we couldn't screenshot this reliably, please note it has a similar style to the whitelist screenshot.


Yes! We offer extensive support on every single one of our packages. This support will be no different from that.
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Latest updates

  1. HUGE restructure update & additions

    Major Update: Resource restructured to use less file space and be more friendly All server...
  2. Fixes & Updates

    Minor Bug Fixes Added a few more optimizations
  3. • Performance Suite | Release 1.3.6 •

    • Fixed a bug where some mobs wouldn't spawn. • Other optimisations have been made.

Latest reviews

seller is friendly and kind to setup and fix the bugs for me! Recommended! my tps got fixed from 5 to 20 tps ! thanks!
Im glad I was able to help fix your TPS issue on your server, Now your players can enjoying playing on your server again!

25+ Player-base sever good job man!
Vouch, this setting good for improve server performance, and the author is very kind :)
Thanks for the positive review!
Vouch, this package can be really useful for users that just want to start an optimized server and don't have much experience optimizing jar settings themselves. Bungeecord configurations are a nice little addition too!
Thanks for the positive review!
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