PvPWars TreasurePets Premade Pets Config | 33x Pets | Treasure Pets Config 1.5.2

PvPWars pets configuration (33x Pets)


Purchase this PvPWars premade TreasurePets setup for a total of 33 Pets, more pets coming soon!


TreasurePets Plugin - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...custom-pets-leveling-hatching-tinkerer.33232/


Click on the image to see all the pets

Chicken Pet
Cow Pet
Creeper Pet
IronGolem Pet
Pig Pet
Sheep Pet
Spider Pet
Squid Pet
Wolf Pet
Zombie Pet
Cupid Pet
Leprechaun Pet
Firework Pet
BB8 Pet
R2D2 Pet
Chewbacca Pet
StormTrooper Pet
Gorilla Pet
Money Pet
Farm Pet
Elf Pet
TrickOrTreat Pet
CobWeb Pet
AllMight Pet
Priest Pet
Popcorn Pet
LuckyCharm Pet
Boom Pet
Experience Pet
Looter Pet
Lucky Pet
CropCoin Pet
Interest Pet

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Crediting original
Credit to BourneDev for creating the plugin

Latest updates

  1. 1.5.2 Update | Changelog

    Update 1.5.2 Changelog Added to Language.yml disabledRegion: Added to CustomPets.yml...
  2. Fixed Double CropCoin Pet

    Fixed Double CropCoin Pet
  3. 1.5 Update | Changelog + 2x Pets

    Update 1.5 Changelog Changed /pet message Added CropCoin Pet Added Interest Pet

Latest reviews

Amazing plugin! My server really love it and easy to configuarate! Thanks so much =DD
I love it, some pets do not completely work. Could you also add the crate pet ? The pet where it lets you remove and increase percentages for items in the crates
Sorry for the average review, but there are definitely some issues with the config. Some of the pets needed some tweaking to work, and there were quite a few spelling errors I had to comb through. Also, this product is a bit overpriced and misleading considering almost half of the pets come already setup with the plugin itself. Overall a pretty good purchase, but not really worth the insanely high price for a config
New pets work perfect! Thanks for making a perfect config!
Thank's you for these amazing news pets! This is the best replica of PvPwars pets on mcm!
Thank You!
Very nice config, add new skyblock retro pets!
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