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anticheat killaura reach skript
AtomAC is an advanced skript anti-cheat that lets you rest when it's catching hackers. The anti-cheat is mainly for combat cheats but movement checks are under development.
AtomAC currently offers 15 checks which are the following
x2 Range ( A, B )
x2 Autoclicker ( A, B )
x3 Killaura ( A, B, C )
x1 Velocity ( A )
x4 BadPackets ( A, B, C, (D EXPERIMENTAL) )
x1 NoSlow ( A )
x1 Fly ( A )
x2 Speed ( A, B )

Range check detects reach > 3.8
Killaura A detects autoblock
Velocity A EXPERIMENTAL detects AntiKB and blatant Velocity
BadPackets can detect many things for example (Timer, Blink, InvalidPitch, NoSwing, Regen, Cracked Vape)


AtomAC GUI offers the following things.
Enable/Disable certain checks
Reload skript

Does this affect my servers performance?
The answer is no. The performance affect will be as minimal as it can. If AtomAC is affecting your servers performance somehow it will be checked/fixed asap

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    B9 * Fixed Fly A not working as i wanted * Corrected other checks
  2. Fixes & Improvements

    B8 * Fixed NoSlow A false flags * Fixed Range B false * Fixed Speed A & B false * Fixed Fly A...
  3. Accidently uploaded a bit older version

    Sorry Same changelog as last update.

Latest reviews

Cool project, checks are pretty good. good developer.
Nice project. Keep it up :D
Thanks for the review! I will update it soon. Please report false flags in our discord server!
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