Vector Chest Icons 2020-02-01

Normal, Ender & Monster Chests.

Clean, cartoon-style chests for your Buycraft store - or anything else! With a normal value of $40, these chests are perfect for ranks, crates, loot boxes or even server icons.

Upon downloading the resource you'll receive all 6 of the above chests - regular, ender and monster - at both normal and 4x size. If you have any feedback or recommendations, please let me know here or on Discord (Rhos#8740).

Enjoy your resource!

Latest updates

  1. Uploaded correct resource.

    For some reason the uploaded file was completely different to what it should have been. If you...

Latest reviews

Bought this, the resource gave me different graphics to what is shown on this screenshot, hopefully you can sort this out.
Fixed, sorry about that! By way of apology I'll give you another resource for free, just lmk which one you want :)
Looks amazing! I really like the way you used Illustrator to create every detail so well!
Much appreciated! Let me know if you have any suggestions!
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