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1.15 custom epic gamers one-button-setup sale skyblock

A few words about Freelancers and unfair Pricing:

Browsing thru MCMarket i often find freelancers that offer their services hugely overpriced. One example:

The work that's required to do the stuff in the screenshot literally takes you 5 minutes. And they want 70 bucks for that. My setup is 70 hrs of work for 10$. Why? Cause my mission is to make creating servers easy for beginners. If you are new to that it can be really challenging and nerve-wracking. That's why my ultimate goal is to publish a little program where you just tick what kind of server you want (survival, skyblock, faction, etc..) and it downloads the required stuff for you.

Long story short: I'm doing this to help out and if you buy my setups its like a small donation that keeps me going.

Oh and when you are reading this, I am still giving away 5 free copies of the setup in exchange for an honest review, so if you want one message me on discord!




When you're in the lobby type /secret and select on of the color variants in the GUI. 2 Slots per Variant.


Try it for yourself, enter in your bedrock Server Tab and try it out! (Java Account required)

Powerful Skyblock System with many options for your players. Based on the popular ASkyblock you might know! To make it more fun i used some addons you will find below:


Animated Island Control Panel:

  • /iscp brings up a handy little control panel that lets you change all the settings around your island

Magic Cobblestone Generator:

  • The cobblestone generator changes its spawning levels of certain materials based on the island level of your players.

Command: /is generator levels

Like/Dislike System:

  • Players can create island warps by placing a sign and placing "[WELCOME]" at the top of the sign. When other players visit them they can type /like and either like or dislike the island they're visiting. /isliketop brings up the top 10 liked islands
Is Level System:

  • The island leveling system is based on the amount of valuable blocks like spawners you have on your Island.
    - Command: /is level
Island Borders:

  • Virtual Island Borders, that prevent players from leaving their islands without using /is warp. Also cancels their fly mode.​


  • Witchery is a plugin that is similar to the popular "Witches' Cauldron Mod" but in vanilla minecraft. It requires you to have a stick in your offhand and the right incridients in your inventory, then you simply rightclick a cauldron thats filled with water and you can spawn a certain type of mob, based on the incredients in your Inventory.​
Is Fly:

  • Island fly. Lets your players fly on their island. Get unlocked in shop. Doesn't work when visiting islands from other players.

Discord Chat Integration with working emojis!

8 Premade Ranks + Animated Titles

> Plugin used for Permissions: LuckPerms.

Animated Scoreboard and Tablist

Custom Staff and Reports GUI

Commands: /staff - Playercommand: /report

40+ Premade Chat Tags

100+ Custom Enchants

  • Custom Enchants are found in an enchantment table like normal enchants. To list them and view their abilities players can either type /ee guide or navigate there using the /help GUI.
Lag Improvements

  • Multiple Performance Improvements by stacking spawners and animals. Tested with 10 players: 20 TPS, stable.
Chat Mentions:

  • Get notified when you are mentioned in chat.​

Letter Boxes

  • /letterbox brings up a little shop that lets players purchase letterboxes. Other players can leave written books there by rightclicking the letterbox with the signed book in their main hand.​

Trading System

  • Trading system that allows your players to safely trade items with each other. They have to be within 30 blocks to each other, so /warp market is the way to go.
    - Command: /trade <playername>
PVP System

  • Theres plenty of options to pvp in this setup. Your players can either duel each other with kits. They simply have to send a request by typing /1v1 <playername>.​

  • Another option is to use the warp pvp as a free for all arena. Also at warp pvp you will find a top 10 kills/deaths hologram.​

  • If your players want to keep track of the kills that were made with a specific item they can add a killcounter to that item/weapon by unlocking the killcounter in /shop and clicking the unlocked option to add a killcounter lore to the item in their main hand.​


  • Gamble away your money!​


There are 3 islands your players can choose from:





  • /warp or /warps will bring up this little GUI. Warp Market can be used to safely trade using /trade, cause pvp is disabled there. Warp PVP is pretty much self-explanatory.

/sign will bring up an item signing menu. Your players can purchase signed items there, or send flowers to other players.




  • Kits can be found and purchased in /shop. If you don't have the rank required to purchase a certain kit it will look like this:
  • As you can see, spawners can also be purchased in the same shop category.

  • If you need help with the setup or anything else, feel free to add me on discord: MeerBiene#7060 or join my helpdesk discord.

  • Please consider leaving a review since this is my first resource and i want to build a reputation. I made this setup with a lot of love for details and I'm pretty sure your players will have a great time.

[] - Adding more Islands
[] - Add more colors to choose from.
- [] - Blue
- [] - Red
- [] - Yellow
- [] - Pink/Purple
[] - Adding farmworlds that require to be unlocked.

[] = Done ↔ []= Work in Progress​


/reports -> Check and work on open reports

/staff -> Open the staff overview GUI

/ban /tempban -> Ban or temporarily ban players

/ipban /iptempban -> Ipban or temporarily ipban players

/mute <player> <lenght> <reason> -> Mute players

/mute <player> -> Unmute muted players

/jail <player> <jailname> -> Send a player to jail

/setjail <name> -> Set a jail, like a Hackercage for example

/perms -> my custom ranks GUI to grant certain ranks to players (or yourself)

/help -> opens the help GUI

/report -> opens report GUI for players

/reports claim -> Rewards for your players when they submitted a helpful report

/iscp -> Island Control Panel

/isliketop -> Display top Liked Islands in a nice GUI

/is or /island -> Base command for skyblock

/is help -> Display all skyblock commands

/trade <player> ->Send a trade request to another player

/shop -> Opens up the adminshop

/bal or /balance -> View your current balance

/pay <player> -> Send money to others

/msg /tell /r -> Messagesystem as you know from other servers

/spawn -> Warp to spawn to for example trade with other players

/ee guide -> View all available custom enchants

/tags -> View and manage your tags

/warp -> View available warps

Latest updates


    Added CROSSPLAY CAPABILITIESto the Setup. Bedrock players can now join this Java server. They...
  2. Color Update

    Changed the way the setup downloads cause it got too big for McMarket. Now you just click on the...
  3. Biggest Update so far

    Added Discord SRV to the setup script so you only have to enter your Bottoken and Channel ID...

Latest reviews

No response for support, installer stopped working so at this point I have not even got it working at all...
Setup is very easy! It asks you about your server and what should be enabled and disabled. When doing the setup it changes all the premade server name to the server name u want! I ran into a few issues with starting the server and the owner made sure to help me resolve my issue fast and easy. Overall, the setup is beautifully put together and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for easy amazing setup!
Very easy to setup, with just a simple click! it works like a charm
Very easy setup, normally setups need a bit of work to get them working, but with this one all ihad to to do was to open a file and it would ask me questions. It automatically made my server, which really surprised me that it was even possible with setups. Really well done!
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