ChatBrawl | Chat competition for rewards! 2.0

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Compete in fun chat races/events and earn rewards!
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Latest updates

  1. V2.0 => Complete recode of ChatBrawl

    The plugin got completely recoded to be more efficient and perform better in general. Loads of...
  2. V1.7.3 => Added flexibility in configs, bugfixes + GIVEWAY

    Added: Added the option to use either upper or lowercase material names throughout the configs...
  3. V1.7.2 => Actionbar bugfix, <answer>, bugfixes

    Added: Added support for 1.16.3! Bugfix: Fixed an actionbar error Bugfix: Fixed the <answer>...

Latest reviews

The plugin is very good, special to give more fun in a server survival or skyblock! c:
Tip: you could add some option so that the messages are centered only (start and winner messages)
Thanks for the review! Was wondering what you meant by "centering messages only", you can send me a PM or join the discord to give some more details about your idea!
Awesome plugin! But please could you add a 1.8 support ?
Thanks for the review! The problem is that the plugin heavily depends on the 1.14 API, since the materials/items etc. changed from 1.13 to 1.14 coding wise. If I would want to support 1.13 and below that would require me to reprogram the plugin basically. For now I will focus on adding features for 1.14+ versions. There might be a point in the future where i will support <1.13 versions. Will certainly add it to my suggestions list for the future.
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