SALERocketMC - Max Performance 1.15.2 Tuinity Fork! HUGE OPTIMIZATION 2.3

Maximize your server performance

Latest updates

  1. HUGE redstone engine optimization

    * Removed the built-in pluginmanager on request of the community * Huge redstone optimization to...
  2. Huge PlayerLoginEvent optimization and some minor bugfixes

    - PlayerLoginEvent optimization - /systeminfo bugs fixed - /pl bugs fixed - Much faster...
  3. 1.2.3BETA | Performance-fixes and added option to disable plugman

    [+] Added option to disable the integrated plugman in tuinity.yml (rocket.yml will come soon)...

Latest reviews

Server performance improved! Is better then any fork! Thanks, and the developer is very nice :)
Amazing Fork !!!!!!!!
It is nowhere mentioned this is now a fork of Tuinity which is already very much optimized. I will suggest to everyone to not buy this and instead of trying tuinity directly. Just search "tuinity paper" in google and you will find it...
Credits to tuinity is also not given, Authur must give link for tuinity in this resource.
Tuinity Github repo has just been credited. We just recently moved from PaperMC to Tuinity based on Community request. Your review wich-hunts are very inappropriate and next time if you review without testing/downloading the resource we will have to report you to the MCMarket team. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
It optimized my mc server alot
Thank you very much for your review!
This doing a good job
This fork is well done, it has solved the lag problems in my server, the only thing I don't like is integrated plugman, I prefer the standard one.
Inactive devs, supposedly a "big update" coming but no news about it. Tuinity provides better performance which is being merged to paper. Will change review once performance actually increases
Reviewing this version as I'm hopeful there could be an update in the future that makes my $11 USD worth it. (As of version 1.1.9, do not buy this fork)

The statsbar, enhanced /pl, built-in plugman are all nice. Discord support channel (albeit quiet, and the only help I received was from other customers)

Switching from Paper -> Rocket did not improve my server performance, it significanlty made it worse - even with fewer players. During a peak hour with 50 players using the latest Paper build, I get around 15tps. I installed RocketMC, and after 1 hour of uptime and 30 players: 5tps.

Try optimizing your paper/bukkit/spigot.ymls to reduce lag, you will actually see improvements through that. I cannot recommend this fork in good conscious to anyone in its current state. I'll remain hopeful that it can get better, but I'm not super confident after my first experience.
Very nice, noticing a difference.

Also dear rocket team, can you please fix the discord invite link? It doesn't seem to be working!

There you go, it seems as if is down or something, will also add the new link to our website, thanks your bringing it up :) Also thanks for the kind words :)
Amazing 1.15 fork. viiskauttaviis
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