HubCore (nHub - Tab, Submenus, Scoreboard, ...) [Misq Project] 1.2.4

Hubcore with all the needed features for 1.7.10 - 1.15.2!
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2.4


Latest reviews

0 issues, effing AMAZING hub core if you're looking for a spectacular one!
Best Hub plugin around, I use it for my server and the developer is always happy to help with any issue faced. 11/10
10/10, if you don't use this hubcore then you're seriously missing out. Very easy process to get the licensing setup through discord. Quartz is very nice and helpful and provided me everything I needed to get the plugin up and running. He's very active and responds to questions quickly. Definitely recommend.
Amazing HubCore. Very few bugs.. Even if there are, the developer is quick to fix it! Really recommend buying this, you will not regret it!!!!
Massive vouch, easily the best MCM purchase I have ever made. Amazing hubcore, amazing, friendly, developer, answers within seconds. Would recommend to anyone looking for a all in one hubcore!
Amazing Hub core works well with his other plugin nCore so I'd recommend buying that as well if you are going to buy this (trust me it's worth it)
One of the best plugins ever!
Overall amazing hub core. Developer is active & responds to support inquiries in a timely manner
Amazing hub core, recommend to anyone!
Amazing plugin, developer is really nice too!
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