OxygenGearLib 1.0.2

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The developer support to Oxygen Gear Systems
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api developer api for any type of server user interface
-=- Description -=-
OxygenGearLib is a plugin designed for its developers and its communities to create something with it. As it is mostly for developers, you are now (with the help of this plugin) able to use a oxygen gear system for any project of your choice.

-=- NOTE for all users -=-
All slots require the exact same Material above itself.
Example: Slot 11 (or Helmet slot) requires any type of STAINED GLASS. Otherwise It'll not work.
Example 2: Slot 15 (or Tank #2 slot) requires specifically a Magenta Shulker Box to be used.

This will be changed in a later update, but it'll work for now.

-=- Images -=-
-=- Commands -=-

There are technically two, but reality only one.
- /oxygengear
- /ogear

They do the exact same thing.

-=- Permissions -=-
None, most of this is just for developers.

-=- Configuration -=-
Yes, there is a configuration to this plugin. Yet, rather small. I do must admit that.
# This is the OxygenGearLib configuration file.
# There's not a whole lot in here, mostly just empty space.
# There are a few things, but not to much.

# Allows the plugin to send logs about saving/restoring player data to/from the storage.
# Default: true
post-logs: true

# Change the display of the GUI for /helmet.

   # Change this value to "custom" to allow the plugin to use your display and not the default.
   # Default: default
   # Possible: [default, custom]
   display-type: default
   # Chat colors can be used!
   # No limits, but the inventory is small so that might limit you.
   display: ""

-=- API Help -=-
Now, for the reason why this was initially created, for the developers.

Getting an item from a player's stored data. I made this pretty simple. Its just one line.

OxygenGearAPI.getItemFromSlot(slot, player);
Note: This does return an ItemStack.

There are two methods I suggest you don't use unless you know what you are doing.

OxygenGearAPI.saveContents(inv, player);
OxygenGearAPI.restoreContents(inv, player);

-=- Contact for Bugs or Issues -=-
Please, contact me on here (MC Market) or post an issue on GitHub. Please don't use reviews for reporting issues.

-=- Notice -=-
This is an open source project. You can look at the source code here: https://github.com/Odogo/OxygenGearLib
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Version

    - FIX: Changed version (cause I forgot :P)
  2. 1.13+ Patches

    2 new patches regarding this update: - PATCH: Fixed issue regarding inventory name not working...



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