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This is our Mob Coin plugin that myokan has developed since 2017. It has gone through many iterations and is still built on the same codebase as before, but it is tried and true. Once privately sold, we've decided to make it available to the public for free!

Used by many large networks including FadeCloud (600 players), LuckySB (100 players), TheArcade (300 players), and more!


What this offers:

- Categorized, rotating mob shops. Unlike paid plugins, you can create as many mob coin categories as you want with whatever intervals you want.
- Fully configurable. You can change every message, temporary icon, slot, etc in the transfer shop.
- It's free now. We used to charge $20 for this plugin and kept it private. We've seen how bad these other paid mob coins plugins are, so we're releasing it for free for everyone to enjoy.
- SQLite data storage for speed, flexibility, and convenience.
- There is an API for developers to use.

API: https://hasteb.in/arilovup.java

- mobcoins.player: Access the /mobcoins command
- mobcoins.transfer: Access the /transfer GUI
- mobcoins.admin: All admin related commands

Enjoy this plugin. It is provided with no warranty (AS-IS) and is free software. You are free to use this on any network you please
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Latest updates

  1. Use new PlaceholderAPI integration.

    Previously we were using the legacy integration (EZPlaceholderHook), which was deprecated and...

Latest reviews

Decent plugin, idk the admin commands for the plugin so its confusing, but i like how it functions!
The sql database is some laggy, lag when i consume too many times a mobcoin, and when i kill a mob, the entitydeathevent, the timings are horrible
Awsome Plugin For All Those Asking
Permissions are As Follows:
To Open the /transfer GUI - Mobcoins.transfer
Mob Coins command - Mobcoins.player

PlaceHolders Are As Follow:
You can create as many categories as you want...
Placeholder: %mobcoins_time_<category>%
Very good and stable. But how can i know player permissions?
Awesome plugin and its Free!
As always, this guy has helped me many times with their plugins, recommended any plugin of him.. Performance is the main objective and that's what I'm looking for.

Very well written plugin would highly recommend!
Hope you keep update this plugin with more feature :D



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