High Quality | HCF Birch world 4k 1.1

A high quality hcf world perfect for hcf servers or kitmap servers.
Terrain info:
  • 4 Flat Koth Corners (150 wide) each at 500 500
  • 1 Flat Spawn in the centre (200 wide) at 0 0
  • Flat terrain for roads on 0 axis all 4 ways (50 wide)
  • Ores underground
  • Caves underground
World info:
  • Custom trees
  • 4000 wide world (2000 world edge from spawn)
  • 1.7 and 1.8 supported (no 1.9+ blocks)
  • Clean world (no irregular terrain like missing chunks)
  • 4 Different biomes (Pine forest, Birch forest, Desert, and plains)
  • Rest of the world is void for that extra clean look
The world is in a compressed .zip file, world was generated with worldpainter.

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Proof of ownership: (worldpainter file)

Latest updates

  1. Tree changes and ore changes.

    - Increased ores by around 2x. - Birch tree biome is now less dense but more spread out across...

Latest reviews

When downloading this map and looking at the file I noticed the map is corrupt. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon. It looks like a great map. Once I've had a proper look at the map I will change this rating.
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