[HQ]Optimized NCP settings, homemade bug fix plugins, And advanced settings for PNCP and PAC!!!! 3.1

Three-in-one advanced anti-cheat setting.

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Current price: $ 1

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What is this?
This is a file containing three advanced anti-cheating settings and a home-made bug fix plugin and some extension plugins.
What anti-cheat does it apply to?
* NoCheatPlus
* Phoenix
* PNoCheatPlus
* NCPNoSlowFix

What advantages does it have?

* All settings are rigorously tested.
* After a lot of cheating clients testing
* Very friendly to high latency players.
* Extremely low error detection.
* Can correctly distinguish the difference between Scaffold and jitter click.
* The pullback mechanism has been optimized to prevent cheat-players from detecting the reason for his ban.
* Each checks has a unique number.
* Give cheaters a "Cheater" title! ( Pex and Nametagedit)
* Fully automatic processing! Your employees can get rest.
* There are no violation alerts, so you and your players can play better.
* Some settings have effects similar to BanWave.
* Can be used with other anti-cheat.
* There is currently no bypass for Nofall.
* There is currently no bypass for Fly.
* Most Bhop cheating was detected.

* Smarter chat speed management.
* Optimize your memory and CPU usage.
* Maximize the performance of NCP's combat cheat detection.
* Efficient updates.
* We will add some homemade plugins one after another.

* In other servers using NoCheatPlus, such as Hypixel. Vulnerabilities in the NCP can lead to you being banned from moving and unable to attack players. Now we have made a plugin to fix it!
there are more....

This is a test video that tests a small portion of the detection. (Note that this is just NCP! We have also added optimized PAC and PNCP files to your file!)

This is an older video and I will not update it. But the new config will be better.

What can it detect?

This document will detect most of the cheating that NCP-PNCP-PAC supports.
Killaura/Bhop/Fly..And many more.

Do I need to pay every month?
No, you only need to buy it once to enjoy the update permanently.

You can not resell this piece of work
You can not claim it as your own

We added the download link of the third-party plug-in to this file, and once again, the user can choose what he wants or install all (the latter is recommended !!).

contact us:

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Bhop-check causing players to be pulled back.

    Fixed Bhop-check causing players to be pulled back.
  2. Substantial optimization and modification.

    Better attack frequency limit. Support to detect most Bhop cheats and Longjump cheats. Optimize...
  3. Fix

    Fixed a bug where players could not break the fence.

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nice config, i like it! ;D


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