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AntiCrash | Spigot/Bukkit :) | 1.8

Latest updates

  1. [PacketBreaker AntiCrash] Fixed Bugs + Added new Features

    - Fixed Crashes - Fixed Errors - Fixed ServerStart-Crash - Added Checks - Added /ac notify And...
  2. Better Performance etc.

  3. Custompayload, Netty, Instant, Meta etc FIXED

    added fixes :>

Latest reviews

Nice it blocks all of EaZy's Zerodays and metas crashers but there's two issues.
1. Whenever someone uses a crash exploit it will put this error in console and if you use a move crasher it will put a even bigger error in console
2. There's literally no customization at all you cant even change the message or the command to do when it detects someone when crashing like at least put that minimum of customization in this plugin.


Tobias Cremer
First release
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