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Latest updates

  1. Critical Interaction

    (Critical) Fixed Auto-Install Script. * To see the "<censored>" (if there is any) in the text...
  2. Improvements

    [^] Enhanced some stuff in text files. [+] Added new information-oriented "DEPENDENCIES" text...
  3. Improvements

    [^] Enhanced production server auto-install script.

Latest reviews

Pretty Good setup
As I can see the user has knowledge with this kinda things
Would recommend to get!
It has been some time since this review was written, sorry for the delay, thanks for rating! :)

Just want to stay clear; this is not a typical "setup" (like SkyBlock, Factions, etc.).
This is a server perfectly placed on a railway that goes to: *easy making of lobby/factions/skyblock/survival/minigames lobby/any gametype server*

Thanks! :)
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