4 Custom SkyBlock Islands 2020-03-31

4 unique Skyblock Islands that will make your SkyBlock server better!
SkyBlock Islands!
Note that by purchasing this you will get a Zip File containing 4 Schematics. Down below you will find how to use them and the TOS!

  • Normal Island: Big Tree, Chest, Cobwebs, Farm containing Pumpkins/Melons/ & other seeds, Water supply, GlowStone, Fence, Vines, Destroyed Cobblestone walls.
A small beautiful island for new players!

  • Hell Island: Nether themed island, Custom nether tree, Chest, Cobwebs, Different type of blocks such as Bone Block/ Magma/ & other blocks, Lava supply.
An island forged in hell!

  • Slash Island: Custom tree, Chest, Water supply, Mine, Ladders, Furnace, Crafting Table, Different Ores, Cobweb, Fence.
Close to the normal island that comes with the plugin, but with a little bit of my touch and a mine for the new players!

  • Pro Island: One tall oak tree, One dirt, 2 Small clouds
This Island is only for Pros in Skyblock, due to the lack of everything in it, except for the clouds and the 1 dirt! BE CAREFUL!
How To Use:

1. Download the Zip File.
2. Extract the 4 Schematics.
3. Open FTP.
4. Go to Plugins/WorldEdit/schematics (if the file doesn't exist just create one and name it "schematics" with the "").
5. Reload the plugin.
6. Enjoy and edit them however you like!

How To Use For SkyBlock:
1. Download the Zip File.
2. Extract the 4 Schematics.
3. Open FTP Plugins/ASkyBlock/schematics.
4. Put them in the schematics folder.
5. Add them to the config.
6. Reload the plugin.


By purchasing this build, you agree with the following:

No refunds.
No chargebacks.
You may not re-sell this build as your own.
You may not share, or give away this build.

If you do not follow any of these terms a Scam Report will be opened

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