GuardSpigot 1.8.8 | Heavily Optimized | Recoded Networking | MultiThreading | Exploit fix 2.0

A highly optimized and efficient tacospigot fork focused on performance and protection

GuardSpigot is a TacoSpigot fork focused on protection & huge optimization. One of the servers using is held 850 players online without any TPS or lag problems.

GuardSpigot website:

Looking at the feature list, i think GuardSpigot will fit ANY mode. By buying it, you can use it in a different mode at any time, without overpaying and by buying a different fork.
The best choice if you do not want to overpay and have a reliable product :)

  • Block every NBT exploit (Blockplace, SetCreativeSlot, WindowClick etc.)
  • Block book exploit crash(CustomPayload)
  • Detect and block packet flood
  • Detect redstone abuse (limiter)
  • NBTSkipProtector in security section - while this option is enabled and we detect NBT exploit attack we won't kick attacker, we will just skip data that he sent to server.
  • Option to disable reading NBT data from placed blocks
  • Block World downloader
  • 100% Guarantee that every spigot exploit is fixed!
  • Implemented new neworking based on 1.17.1 PaperSpigot mixed with Tux's tuinity patch
  • Removes synchronization from sending packets
  • Removes processing packet queue off of main thread
  • Heavily reduce Netty I/O thread load by avoid expensive flush calls in tracking
  • Optimized network queue - replaced with destroystokyo CachedSizeConcurrentLinkedQueue
  • Internally netty will use some very expensive thread wakeup calls when scheduling, Tux's patch tag the Runnable indicating it should not make a wakeup call
  • Add netty channel flush consolidation
  • Optimized flush call
  • Optimized PacketSplitter (Thanks to Velocity) - use less PacketSplitter objects finally
  • Optimized netty - IP TOS
  • Packet Compressor and Decompressor run in native way - That mean whole compression and decompression is executed in compiled C code which is a lot of faster!
  • Faster packet compression - less CPU usage (2x SPEED UP) . Default paperspigot compression is 30Mb/s, now GuardSpigot implemented changes to speed it up to 75Mb/s
  • Speed up broadcast for packet sending - Optimized algorithm and disabled sending usseless packets O(n) -> O(1)
  • Enable netty TCP FASTOPEN
  • Update netty to latest version instead of use old one
  • Options to set most popular knockbacks (Minemen, kohi, default) for now. This option will be greatly expanded in future updates
  • Knockbacks values are configurable (IN-Game command + Config)
  • Unlimited KB profiles (for practice/pvp servers)
  • Implemented EntityHider - Potions, items, fish hook, projectile, arrow etc.
  • Taliban pearls (strings, slabs, fence gate etc)
  • Lazarus HCF Core support (Added custom events PotionEffectExpireEvent, PotionEffectAddEvent)
  • Set whether sprint on hitting entity is cancelled or not
  • Highly optimized chunk entities method
  • Optimize chunks by reduce hashing operations
  • Heavily Chunk unloading optimization - removed iteration every chunk. For example if your server has loaded 20 000 chunks and player left server it iterate 20 000 chunks comparing to find that chunk - that's horrible and with 20 000 chunks did 100ms lag spike. Now delete is instant!
  • Make chunks cache instead of loading it again from memory
  • Build chunks on FastUtil library to make them work faster and more reliable
  • Optimized chunk calculations
  • Prevent chunk loading for hoppers, lights and furnances
  • Disable loading nearby chunks
  • Ability to set on how many threads chunks work
  • Enable/Disable Block ticking
  • Enable/Disable TileEntity ticking
  • Enable/Disable Weather ticking
  • Enable/Disable Villager ticking
  • Enable/Disable Map ticking
  • Disabled snow ticking
Entities and Mobs:
  • Delay between searching and checking world entities
  • Entity counter optimized, removed streams
  • Toggleable mob tracker
  • Toggleable Entitiy collisions
  • Delay between searching for mobs in water
  • Toggleable Mob AI
  • Toggleable mob searching for nearby items and picking them
  • Toggleable spawning hostile mobs during day
  • Toggleable burning hostile mobs during day
  • Toggleable baby mob spawn from mob-spawner
  • Toggleable mob sounds
  • Toggleable mob spawning
  • Asynchronous world saving
  • Delay between hopper searching nearby items to put into itself or chest
  • Hopper algorithm optimization
  • Optimize world time by reducing objects managing it to just one
  • EntityTracker could work on my calculations
  • Optimized Light level comparisons from higher version
  • Reduced IO NBT EntityHuman
  • Optimized World.isLoaded by Aikar
  • BaseBlockPosition optimized
  • Speed up GameRules
  • Reduce usage of items on ground by merge them
  • Cache player movement
  • Heavily optimize fluids operations
  • Cave 6.0 generator
  • Toggleable saving player data
  • Optimize spawners algorithm
  • Toggleable always day mode
  • Toggleable always pretty weather
  • Full configurable spawners range, distance, max nearby entities
TNT and Redstone:
  • TNT Merge option
  • Optimized TNT tracker
  • More efficient TNT explosion cache
  • Option to set Explosion range
  • Faster redstone torch rapid from higher versions
General Optimizations and Options:
  • Replaced UUID to FastUUID - it's a little more than fourteen times faster at parsing UUIDs and six times faster at writing UUIDs than the stock JDK implementation
  • Toggleable footstep sounds
  • Toggleable PlayerMoveEvent
  • Toggleable saving player data
  • Flawless printer
  • Toggleable death screen
  • Toggleable AsyncCatcher
  • Updated google libraries to newest
  • Updated netty library to newest version
  • Removed old deprecated netty methods and replaced with the newest solutions
  • Toggleable infinite water sources
  • Toggleable water breaks redstone
  • Toggleable join/left messages
  • Toggleable death messages






















fast-TNT-EntityTracker: true
fast-merge: true
constant-explosion-radius: false
constant-explosion-protected-regions: true
entityDespawnDelayTicks: 40
asyncPathSearch: true
mobPickItems: false
mobTracking: false
mobSoundEnabled: true
disableEntityCollisions: true
entityWaterCheckDelayTicks: 40
entityActivationDelayTicks: 1
chunkThreads: 3
disableUnloadingChunks: true
disableLoadingNearbyChunks: true
preventChunkLoadForHoppers: true
entityHider: false
knockName: DEFAULT
redstoneTickLimitEnabled: true
disableRespawnScreen: true
mobSpawnerRequiredPlayerDistance: 16
mobSpawnerSpawnRange: 8
mobSpawnerMaxNearbyEntities: 4
mobSpawnerSpawnBaby: true
newestTrackerCalculations: true
disableMapTicking: true
disableWeatherTick: true
disableTileEntityTick: true
disableBlockTick: true
disableVillagerTick: true
redstoneTickLimitEnabled: true
redstoneTickLimit: 700
redstoneAbuseAlertChat: true
exploitAbuseAlertChat: true
bookPayloadSkip: true
nbtSkipProtector: false
blockPlaceSkipNBT: true
blockWorldDownloader: true
packetLimit: 800
disableBiomeCacheCleanup: true
optimizeChangeWorldTime: true
alwaysDay: true
alwaysPrettyWeather: true
savePlayerData: true
flawlessprinter: true
footstepSounds: false
asyncSavePlayerData: true
asyncCatcher: false
waterBreaksRedstone: true
disableLeaveMessage: true
disableJoinMessage: true
disableDeathMessage: true
infiniteWaterSource: true
attackCancelSprintf: false
pearlThroughString: true
pearlThroughSlab: true
pearlThroughFenceGate: true
pearlThroughCobWeb: true
caveGenerateRate: 10
largeCaveGeneratorRate: 10
sugarCaneMinHeight: 2
sugarCaneMaxHeight: 4
caveMinAltitude: 8
caveMaxAltitude: 128
mergeItems: false
movementCache: false
Friction: 2.0
Horizontal: 0.35
Vertical: 0.35
ExtraHorizontal: 0.42
ExtraVertical: 0.085
VerticalLimit: 0.4
Horizontal: 0.9
Vertical: 0.86
config-version: 9
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Latest updates

  1. Lazarus HCF support events

    Lazarus HCF support events
  2. log4j2 apache remote code execution paperspigot fix

    Fix log4j2 apache remote code execution (RCE) in paperspigot/spigot
  3. log4j2 apache remote code execution paperspigot fix

    Fix log4j2 apache remote code execution (RCE) in paperspigot/spigot

Latest reviews

Best support and friendly owners
Very good engine, I recommend it heartily!
Excellent Spigot fork.
Probably the most optimized without breaking the gameplay. GuardSpigot provide huge optimizations for packets, who are very heavy in 1.8.

The support is very reactive & friendly, responding within 2h.

Do not buy other 300 or 500$ forks, they're not better than this one. I've tried 4 other forks, i'm still using GuardSpigot since a year now.
very bad support, dont work, bad kb and bad load chunks
Excellent support, I recommend it to everyone.
Fast help and pleasant service. GS works as it is supposed to do. (TheEasyPeasy is fat, but it allows for quick help because he doesn't leave the house <3)
This is just the best spigot, security, optimization, and more. My server had a lot of problem with other spigot then I switched to GuardSpigot and no more problems!
Honestly it's well worth it performance, and support wise. I've had nothing but awesome support from TheEasyPeasy, and he even configured my server for me.

I honestly think people should buy this resource while its cheap. This developer puts time and effort into his work, and it shows!

Keep up the good work! :)
I would recommend it to everyone. Many thanks to him for his help and support.
good work, fast help
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