Minecraft Server Portal 1.0

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A customisable, easy to install Minecraft server portal.
Minecraft Server Portal

Grab yourself a free, responsive portal that's easy to customize.
Why This Portal?
Aside from this portal looking good no matter what you're using whether it's mobile, tablet or desktop it's easy to manage and customize to your liking. Everything can be fine-tuned to exactly how you like it with extensive configuration options. Along with all the above, it's free! You are free to use it in any environment, and modify the template in any way you choose.
I only ask if you choose to redistribute a modified version of this template you leave credit, this can be a simple comment in the code if you wish.

How do I install?
Before you begin please make sure you have either a local webserver running or you have web hosting and a domain if you need any help be sure to drop me a PM or message me on Discord.

  1. Download this resource using the button at the top
  2. Once downloaded, extract the MCPortal.zip file.
  3. Login to your FTP server, I recommend FileZilla (If you have web hosting)
  4. Next, drag the contents of the MCPortal folder into the public folder, this may be called 'public_html' or 'htdocs'
  5. Visit your website and verify it's all working and now you can begin customizing the portal to your liking.

Again if you need any help, don't hesitate to PM me on site or Discord.

How do I make it my own?

You will find a folder called "config", there you are able to edit the core app (app.php), particle (particles.php) and language (lang.php) settings.

I have documented all the settings and what they do in the README.md file included in the download, if you wish you can take a look at the GitHub page as well.

Final Note
If you encounter any issues with the portal, before leaving a review please contact me so we get the issue resolved.
Discord - tomo54321#6517

If you like the resource or have any suggestions please let me know by leaving a review! :)




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