HCF-Themed Litebans Configuration (RANK COLOR CODED) (5 THEMES, 2 STYLES) (HOVER MESSAGES) 1.2

An HCF-Inspired Litebans Configuration with never-seen-before rank support.
Lots of people look for a Litebans configuration that makes their server look like the top HCF servers, but no configurations have been able to do that. This configuration is inspired by many FrozenOrb servers (such as Velt, Arcane, MineHQ) and some other unaffiliated servers (Lunar, etc.).

This configuration is color-coded by rank, meaning that a player's name will be a different color depending on their rank.

Example: https://gyazo.com/f45809f891e7363c01d38f45ebc5c1af

Due to the way that the plugin interprets rank colors, a permission plugin will be required for optimal usage. The plugin uses the prefix and/or suffixes of players to get their rank name, meaning that if you want the name to be a different color only (without a [Prefix]), then you must use the suffix of the player to dictate that. Tag plugins must use another placeholder rather than their suffix.

Setup help will be included in the download, so setting it up will be easy!

The plugin has two styles to fit each server's needs. The default of each style can be found here:

Style 1 is based on the player's suffix. Instructions to set this up are included and can work with any rank or color!

Style 2 is based on the [Prefix] of a player. Whatever their prefix is, whether it be [Owner], [Default], or [Moderator], it will show up in the ban message!

Instead of showing you a bunch of repeated messages with slightly different colors, I've included instructions on how to create any theme you want along with the default configurations. The themes should take (at most) a couple of minutes to set up and get going.

Litebans - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/litebans.3715/

Latest updates

  1. Custom Chat-Moderation Messages

    * Added custom messages for locking chat, clearing chat, etc..
  2. Added free alteration.

    - Added instructions on how to claim a completely free theme for this resource.

Latest reviews

Good configuration, recommended.
Very good liebans config, well configured.



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