[HQ]Optimized Hawk settings, detection of Timer0.01 and Reach0.1! 1.0

Hawk's best settings.
  1. Plugin config
anticheat hawk setting
Note: This document applies to Hawk-Beta1912.

Hawk can detect the following cheats:


    • Speed
    • Tickrate
    • Fly
    • Glide
    • NoSlowDown
    • Jesus
    • Packet sneak
    • Phase
    • Spider
    • Blink
    • V-Clip
    • Scaffold
    • Anti-velocity
    • NoFall
    • Strafe
    • Omnidirectional sprint

    • Nuker
    • GhostHand
    • Any other cheat interacting through walls or out of sight
    • Usage Speed

    • Reach
    • Angle
    • High CPS
    • Forcefield
    • Fast Bow
    • Killaura
    • Criticals
    • Aimbot (to some extent)
Why should I buy this document?

It is easier to detect most cheating behaviors.
After a lot of testing.
A large number of cheating clients were used for testing (Sigma Vape2.47 / Vape3.28 / VapeLite liquidbounce remix matrix).
Optimize most checks.
Lower the player's VL more intelligently to prevent false bans.
More friendly for high latency players.
Can detect Timer0.1 and Reach0.1.
The memory and CPU usage is smaller.
Fully automatic processing, so you no longer need a large number of employees.
Will not harass your employees.
One time purchase, you can enjoy the update permanently.
Updated with the update of Hawk.


I have some problems with vape3.28 and can not be injected into the game normally, so I use vape2.47 to take screenshots

Due to some errors in Hawk's speed detection, I disabled it and you can manually turn it on. This error is awaiting fix by Hawk author.
Currently, I recommend you to use my NoCheatPlus settings to defend against sports hackers.

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