AntiBot 2.1

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Looking to 100% stop bots without requiring your users to click things? Look here!

Welcome to AntiBot!!

Whats new in 2.0?
I have gone and re-written the entire plugin with a new idea in mind. No user interaction required! The plugin has been re-written using UUID Lookup, Connection Throttling, Chat/Command Throttling, Filters and more comparables to detect bots instantly WITHOUT requiring your users to click anything! Simply drop into your server, and boom! All done! You are 10000% protected! If you guys have any issues, or found some bugs, let me know!!

NOW WORKS WITH 1.7, 1.8, 1.9!! ProtocolLib no longer required!

Simply drag and drop into your plugins folder! Configuration has been added!

Deleted! Nothing to see anymore as users no longer need to click anything!

Nothing yet? Suggestions?

Please comment and rate guys!


You may view and download the source. You may modify the source and compile into your own product and use it with your OWN services. You may NOT redistribute!​

Latest updates

  1. Small fixes / update

    Added: - Added full permissions - Updated global chat muting
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